posted by Mr. Podunkian at 3:26 am on June 10, 2011

Welp. So thanks to @rebroff for slogging through a game I set up tonight on Twitter called ‘guess dat gam’. As promised, I’m going to make an inconsequential post about my upcoming game with Adult Swim:

Only a very small aspect of this mp3 is relevant to my upcoming game. ~WHICH PART IS IT?!~

In an effort to maintain some sort of ~ambiguity~ and ~mystique~, I’ll be filling this post with old assets related to this game — old assets that’ve either been outright trashed, or assets that’ve since been revised. Keep in mind that these are all of VARYING DEGREES OF THRASHINESS and that basically anything here is not at all in any way indicative of what you’ll see in the finished game…?! (No, seriously; this is garbage)

Old mockup that was rejected pretty early on on account of Cave Story already exists.

Old song that doesn’t fit in with the game anymore.

Old logo from before the game had a major retheme (the title has been PIXELLATED OUT like an inappropriate thing on television)

Old song that I wrote for TU that I basically re-tooled and recycled for this game. OOH WHAT COULD IT MEAN?


An early version of a song that made it into the game. It sounded too DARK. Too BROODING.

Hopefully it won’t be too much longer til the game plops. Keep your eyes on the prize, and visit my blog compulsively.

19 Responses to “Old Things From A Game You Haven’t Played”

  1. gerudoku Says:

    soviet space dog

  2. IdiotMan Says:

    That recycled TU song is wayyyyy too reminiscent of Mother 3.
    Could this be related to the Buddylands prototype thing you were working on a while back?

  3. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    ~nope~ this is an original ip. well. as original as i’m capable of being anyways

  4. ShadyNight Says:

    Finally some news on this game. Well, finally some news at all.

  5. IdiotMan Says:

    Not implying that you ripped another song, but it sounds a bit like some of the battle music.
    Not like that’s a bad thing l:D

  6. kaz Says:

    still hoping TU will be finished in the next 5 years

  7. Sani Says:

    I knew sacrificing a few gallons of baby blood would get him to make a post

  8. Dash12345678 Says:

    Well Kaz is certainly very optimistic. Personally, I believe that TU will be finished some time after the Humans of Earth have finished colonizing this solar system, and have begun colonizing whatever we found on the way to Alpha Centauri. It will also be redesigned to work in the Holo-deck, for that matter.

  9. Linkshot Says:

    Then the Solar System will be flipped upside down..? 😛

    I doubt it’s TU because he mentioned a recycled TU song anyway~

    Also, TU is supposed to be a cross between Mother 3 and Cave Story, so it can’t be too reminiscent!


  10. Dash12345678 Says:

    Come to think of it, with a new blog post finally coming from the creator of the long promised game, The Underside, hasn’t something else come recently in regards to a long-promised game?

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