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All of my art is drawn by my hands, but these have the special distinction of not having been put through a digital “make good” filter.

9 Responses to “Hand Drawn Art”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    you call this art? PPPHHHTTT!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    AND hand-drawn? HA! 2-year-olds can draw better than this!

  3. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    sorry, i will cut off my hands and rectify this situation.

  4. samuel wright Says:

    your hand drawn arts is ok, i mean your other art is better,
    hey arnt you on deviantart

  5. Josh Says:

    *intense jealousy rages at your ability to draw simple faces* But seriously, compared to the majority of my friends, and anything I attempt, these faces are pure win 😀 Let nobody taunt you for your wonderfully dance-acious cat! Or your incredible wonderful cycling dog! Let this be the new age of artisanal artistry! Yeah.

  6. jon Says:

    this people clearly do not understand anything about art, they probably are the guys who look at a pollock ang say ‘i could do this’.. then do it!
    arthur is clearly sucefull in its projects so, if you can do the same he does you might think of doing it!
    i apreciate your hand-drawn gallery as it probably was your starting point for the rest of your works, and it’s graphically very contemporany and ironic at some level.

    sorry for my not so good english but im portuguese!

  7. pyromaniac Says:

    … I can draw way better than that. but your vector art is so good as to cause me to have bleeding ulcers of inferiority…

  8. indiego Says:

    Its certainly no tale of tales game. Thats for sure.

  9. Jibbles Says:

    Hey! I just realised! I’m not nearly as good as this… D: Teach me of your ways! I beg of you! Well, maybe not beg, but tell me a few tips please!

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