The Underside - Music

Music from my game, The Underside. Some songs were either written or co-written by J Michael Brown. These songs are noted as such. If you enjoy his work, be sure to check out his website!

The Underside

Bipolar World (The Underside Theme Song)

Dark Scary Place

Hover (Abnormal Version)

Original melody by J Michael Brown. Remixed by Arthur Lee.


Original melody by J Michael Brown. Remixed by Arthur Lee.

Let’s Go On An Adventure!

Song For Bowie

By J Michael Brown

The following songs were written by J Michael Brown. Variations of these songs appear in The Underside.

Hover (Original Version)

This song is the original version of the Hover song. Though the song itself does not appear in The Underside, you can hear variations of its melody in a few of the game’s songs.

Walking to the Next Town (Orchestral)

This song is the original version of the song that plays during The Ruins.

15 Responses to “The Underside”

  1. Chris Geehan Says:

    Haha, Arthur, you’re awesome dude.

    I love your tunes, and eagerly await (as many do) Underside, it’s got some lovely themes in it.

    Should you ever feel selfless enough to expose yourself to our composition powers, gimme a bell, we’d work with ya, in the hopes.. you.. would work, with us? *puppy duck eyes*

    Anyway loving everything I hear, stay awesome. Or else.


  2. Jenny Says:

    Arthur, can I sign you to my imaginary record label? Let’s make an album

  3. mr.Guest Says:

    What kind of web player did you use to post this? Oh! Yeah, those songs are awesome^^

  4. V Says:

    What do you use to make your music? Gear/software/etc.? Especially on “Let’s Go On An Adventure!”.

  5. Rios Says:

    It would be quite a shame to let all these great tracks go to waste. You need to leech off this indie craze before games like No Man’s Sky ruin. That last video you posted of Underside in a higher res style was very promising.

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