The Strawberries - Music

The Strawberries are my one man band, in which I play all parts, at once. The glue that keeps this terrible operation from falling apart is my computer, which, through the power of editing, lets me sound not so terrible. It is also my drummer and sometimes my bassist.

Boy’s Club

The Frug

Cover of The Frug, by Rilo Kiley.

Lively City (Rad Room Version)

This song is a live version of a song that appears in my game, The Underside.

Retro Hippie Bus Battle

This song is a live cover version of two songs that appear in the game, Earthbound.

Sound Stone Rock

This song is a live cover version of a song that appears in the game, Earthbound.

13 Responses to “The Strawberries”

  1. thetaupe Says:

    I agree with Josh. The live of Lively City is awesome !!! If there’s anyway to download it, can you tell us, please ?

    (sorry for the bad spelling, it’s been a while since I wrote in English :/)

  2. Duster Says:

    wow two of my favorite Earthbound songs in one remix. Is there a download link somewhere?

  3. LimeHunter7 Says:

    Are you sure you don’t sing for They Might Be Giants? You’re really good!

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