Download HL2JKS

Download Version 5.4 Beta (85.2 MB)

13 Responses to “Download”

  1. Dragnerymon Says:

    how do you start?

  2. AnonymousJr. Says:

    Yeah? How? BTW I have steam.

  3. DUDEKOOL! Says:

    place the installed folder in your half life 1 folder

  4. MasterGir Says:

    Holy crap this is still being updated. Downloading.

  5. bpwnes Says:

    You might want to update ModDB, the installer there is ~20 MB

  6. DrPepPep Says:

    Hey Arthur thanks so much for this mod. It’s an incredibly fun mod. I’m getting a lot of people to join in and try to make a stable server but so far they all crash after a while. Here’s a Steam group me and a buddy made for anyone interested.

  7. Bl@cK Says:

    Thanx for mod, want to ask you – could you please share a source code for “Karpar” feature? it is awesome =)

  8. bees Says:

    the installer doesn’t work!

  9. ibuprofen Says:

    >mfw I’m still playing this after all these years

  10. Tuel Says:

    is this mod…. or.. game?

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