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ESCAPE FROM PUPPY DEATH FACTORY is a browser based exploration-puzzle-platformer in which you play as Laika, the dog the Soviets sent to outer space in the 50’s. After receiving a distress bark signal from a now ravished planet Earth, Laika (code named “K9”) makes a return to her home planet to investigate its source. The game plays a bit like Redder, with shades of Glenn Forrester’s SSSHIFTY (and in fact, the game began as a collaborative sequel of sorts to that game).

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  1. Xiao Killeen Says:

    I couldn’t resist commenting :)

  2. Lucas Says:

    this is one of my favorite flash games of all time, and i’m replaying it again now to relive the good old days :). sad that flash will be retired soon, and hoping my local copy of EFPDF will run on lightspark or ruffle-rs someday. (no luck currently.)

    would there be any chance of a source-code release? obviously porting it to something else would take a lot of work, but having the source would be super awesome. thanks for making awesome games!

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