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New project in the works…

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After two weeks of work, my grappling hook platformer, STREEMERZ has been completed! The game is based on the Action 52 title of the same name (as part of the ACTION 52 OWNS project that I started), but I’ve taken many, many, many, many liberties with the game.

Download it today!

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Recently, I’ve started up a game making jam on the TIGSource forums called ACTION 52 OWNS. The idea? To get 52 different indie game developers to create 52 remakes of the 52 games on the terrible NES game, Action 52. The game I chose to remake was STREEMERZ, a terrible Bionic Commando clone that has you climbing up a giant tower using your “streemer” (whatever that means). My remake takes that game, and… well… makes it own:

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Glen “Radix” Forrester and I are one of the few still-standing veterans of the Klik ‘n Play community, so it only made sense that we’d eventually get together and create something beautiful. The end result is Enough Plumbers, a browser based puzzle platformer game which has the player controlling a gang of Super Marios Plumbers… all at the same time.

In an unusual and confusing turn of events, I ended up primarily playing the role of the musician for this project, pumping around three tracks in just a few days. Of course my expertise in the art of ripping-things-off came in handy when it came time to write the level select music.

Besides the music, I also did the programming for the platforming engine, and the pipes that appear later in the game (and play a vital role in the final boss). I also helped come up with some of the game elements, such as the powerups (notably the Mario World-esque floater powerup, and the fireflower powerup).

Anyways, it was a fun little project to work on, and it feels nice to get paid! Glen and I are already in the process of designing our next Flash game — one in which I’ll be playing more prominent a role in its development. Without giving too much away, I’ll say it’s got something to do with a tank.

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A very small peek at a rogue-like-ish project I started 3 days ago and have been developing on Livestream. I’ve described it as The Underside meets Spelunky meets Borderlands. This video showcases an early test of the procedural weapon generation system. Work in progress name? Why, Buddylands, of course!

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I was recently given the opportunity to do an interview for a Russian Magazine called Strana Igr (GameLand) regarding my latest game, Merry Gear Solid 2. The interviewer, Chentsov Ilya, really knew his stuff and asked me a lot of questions I wasn’t expecting to be asked. They’ve graciously given me their permission to share the interview on my blog, so here it is, if you’d like to give it a look!

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Download the Merry Gear Solid 2: Ghosts of Christmas Past Official Soundtrack

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No, Snake! Not that kind of Snake!

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