EasyToon Setagaya Version

Translated by Arthur Lee (Podunkian)

Download Build 3

What is it?:

EasyToon is a program that lets you easily draw your own animated black and white cartoons.

The Setagaya 'Branch' of EasyToon was later released, which featured hacks to the original source code. More features were added, obviously.

Version History:

Version 0.10

- Added new features (They were in the code, but not activated)
- Fixed some more text inconsistencies.
- Made all of the toolbars toggleable.

Version 0.02

- All dialogs should be translated.
- Fixed the Pen Width/Eraser Width text.
- Fixed some text inconsistencies (i.e. 'saves' instead of 'save').
- Fixed font of dialogs to MS Sans Serif.
- Translated error messages.
- About menu changed to reflect changes.
- Unlocked the elusive 'Advanced' toolbar (Which adds 2 new tools)

Version 0.01

- Basic translation. A FEW dialogs are untranslated, etc.
- Changed the mouse cursor to a 'pencil'.

To Do:

- Perhaps add new tools?
- Find out what the hell 'Copy Mask' means.

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