Made for One Game A Month by Mr. Podunkian

Current build: Build #103

This basic version of the game was rushed in a week to get out the door by the end of January! It's nowhere near complete, and is probably prone to breaking!

Send any comments or bug reports to my email or on the Super Fun Dungeon Run Puzzle Monsters page!

The game is available to download for the following platforms: The OSX and Linux builds are untested! Please let me know if they work!

Game Description
Welcome to Puzzle Monsters, an action puzzle/monster battler hybrid! Scour the world, collecting powerful Puzzle Monsters and battling them against your friends! Command your Puzzle Monsters and fire Gems into the battle arena, matching 3 or more like-colored gems to unleash attacks, or to gather resources that can be spent on special abilities! Some Puzzle Monsters can even evolve to grow even more powerful!

(Monster collection not implemented yet...)


(This is a video of an earlier version of the game)


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