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Puzzle Monsters is an action puzzle/monster battler hybrid! Scour the world, collecting powerful Puzzle Monsters and battling them against your friends!

Command your Puzzle Monsters and fire Gems into the battle arena, matching 3 or more like-colored gems to unleash attacks, or to gather resources that can be spent on special abilities! Some Puzzle Monsters can even evolve to grow even more powerful!

Visit the Puzzle Monsters site for more information!

15 Responses to “Puzzle Monsters”

  1. Sarkitten Says:

    Awesome game, yo. I’ve been playing it a lot with some friends. I think it’s probably one of the cooler indie games I’ve seen in quite a while. It like, tickled every single one of my fancies. I’d even be willing to pay for it once it gets more things added to it.

    But the biggest thing that bugs me is sudden death. Any chance of removing that in the future?
    Would also be totally flipping rad if we could review a monsters abilities before selecting them, but I understand if the monster select screen is just a temporary thing for now.
    Keep up the super cool work.

  2. Xyvir Says:

    I like where this game is going, a lot, though I think the mechanics should use some streamlining. Maybe its because I don’t use attacks enough, but I always end up with monsters with a billion more and different types of RP then they need, and I often times have a hard time getting them the RP they need. Instead of being able to collect all different types, maybe RP should all be “neutral”, but you get a bonus if you pick up blocks that correspond to your type. The overall RP costs would have to be higher, but you could actually use the powerful special moves every once in awhile. Also, I think that the creature shooting the gather block should get the RP, instead of the one nearest to where it drops.

    I do like that attacks go to the nearest monster however, I think that should remain the same.

    Also, the attacking OR collecting mechanic for destroying blocks is a little confusing. Might I suggest unifying them into one move? Like all popped blocks are collected as RP, but all dropped blocks become attack blocks. Or something.

    Anyway, like I said, I really really like the concept a lot, it just seems a little all over the place to me right now.

  3. Zakarias Says:

    I just want to tell you that this is a really great game and i highly encourage you to continue developing it!
    Maybe you could take help from friends! :)

  4. Zank Says:

    Great game!

    Can’t wait for further builds. 😀

  5. Zakarias Says:

    I still would love if you would keep working on this game, maybe make it an app for android? That would be awesome!

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