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No, Snake! Not that kind of Snake!

shoot a snake
by ~ThePodunkian on deviantART

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  1. Iah Says:

    That’s nice.

    Ot with an Australian acccent” Dot’s noice!

  2. Doug Says:

    yo podunkian sup you probably don’t remember me but i just now remembered you used to have a bunch of really awesome strokes covers and strokes-like songs… where did all of those go? i was just listening to modern girls and old fashioned men and i wanted to hear your covers again and was disappointed by their absence… i’m pretty certain you did them as the strawberries because i can remember your old site layout being strawberries… this was a couple years ago though.

  3. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    @doug — yeah, but the covers were really bad so THEY WILL FOREVER BE LOST IN THE SANDS OF TIME (god willing)

  4. Sergio Says:

    I too want to hear your old and terrible songs! Like ‘The Strawberries – Not So Bad’ and that Metal Gear song with the lyrics that went something like “Metal Gear is a big machine that shoots nukes and things at you” (I think you did that?).

    I’ve only heard the Underside mix of the first one, and just a small portion of the latter; I’ve wanted more for several years…

  5. Sergio Says:

    Blargh, I think I found the full versions of both those songs seconds after posting that. Never mind I guess.

  6. Siahene Says:

    An underside update!……………well not really

  7. Shadow Says:


  8. wowsers Says:

    Here I am 6 years since the last update on the underside, I sure remember the fun I had playing the demo

  9. Samantha Hamblin Says:

    Is there anyone know how we can download this game? Maybe I will improve this game. I have some projects like this.

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