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My Projects

8-BITar Hero

What do you get when you cross Rock Band and an NES emulator?

The Pretentious Indie Gamer Scene
The Pretentious Indie Gamer Scene (PIGscene) is an ironic independent video game news site. It has been featured on Kotaku, TIGsource, and the Indie Games Blog. Take everything written here with a grain of salt!

Friends, Acquaintances, and People

J Michael Brown
J helped with music during the early stages of The Underside development. Though most of his music has been since been replaced, he is responsible for the delightful bit of music that plays during The Ruins.

Annabelle Kennedy
Annabelle Kennedy is a great pixel artist/animator who I’ll be working with in the near future. Keep your eyes peeled!

Naomi Julia
Naomi is a photographer and media artist, but above all she looks like she could be my sister, which is a little bit worrying sometimes.

Garry Newman
Garry Newman is the leader of TEAM GARRY and Facepunch Studios, and is responsible for Garry’s Mod 10 and Facewound, two projects in which I was a member of the development team.

Kyle Pulver
I met Kyle Pulver at IGF 2009. Turns out he uses the same software to develop his games. We had a good time feeling sorry for each other.

Jenny Yoo
Jenny Yoo is an artist, and a good friend of mine.