Below you'll find a list of games I've created. These games are for Windows only!


The Underside (2005-)

The Underside Logo

An exploration based action platformer in the vein of games like Castlevania, Metroid, and Cave Story.



A NES styled grapple hook adventure.

Enough Plumbers (2010)

A flash game that I played a hand in creating. A "clone" of Super Mario Bros. (oh ho ho) that has you creating clones of yourself to help yourself get to exit. Confused? Play it on Newgrounds and it'll all be clear.

Merry Gear Solid 2: Ghosts of Christmas Past (2009)

Merry Gear Solid 2 Logo

The sequel to Merry Gear Solid: Secret Santa.

8-BITar Hero (2009)

8-BITar Hero Logo

Rock Band with a Nintendo emulator generating the music and levels.

Retronome (2008)

The precursor to 8-BITar Hero.

Merry Gear Solid: Secret Santa (2007)

Merry Gear Solid 1 Logo

Holiday Espionage Action.

Half-Life 2: Jaykin Bacon Source (2004)

A Half-Life 1 Deathmatch mod.

Commercial Products

These games were done as part of a larger team. Clicking on these links will take you to the game's project site.

Garry's Mod 10 (2006)

A physics based sandbox mod for Valve's Source Engine. This game is currently for sale on Valve's Steam service.

FaceWound (2005)

Zombie murder simulator. It was abandoned and released as freeware.


These are games that are either incomplete, abandoned, or pretty much garbage. They are completely unsupported!

Serious Sam-I-Am (2008)


First place winner of Something Awful's first Game Development Challenge, Serious Sam-I-Am takes the classic Dr. Seuss story, Green Eggs and Ham, and turns it into a gritty, noir-esque revenge story. The game was never completed within the deadline, but the first cutscene and first level were enough to secure the first prize. Contains graphic violence and a distinct lack of good taste! Download (4.9 MB)

Operation: Sitting Duck 2 (2004)


Operation: Sitting Duck 2 was a top-down, Cannon Fodder-like shooter set during the second World War. The Germans have stolen the plans for a top secret space weapon, called the Sitting Duck. It is up to you to stop its construction and to save the world from complete destruction. Ultimately, the game's source code was lost in a hard drive crash, and the game had to be cancelled. Contains graphic violence! Download (3.32 MB)

Novabrain's Grand Adventure (2003)

Novabrain's Grand Adventure was made in response to a cease and desist letter sent by a Clickteam member named Novabrain to a member of the Total-Klik. Based on a series of cartoons done by Hamish McLeod, Novabrain's Grand Adventure casts the player as Novabrain, who is out on an adventure to regain his reputation after being slighted by these cartoons. The music was done by NapalmDoom, and some of the coding was done by David Walton. As with the Circy series (below), this game is extremely tasteless and came about during a particularly bad era in my life -- a time where I was playing up the internet bad-boy stereotype. This game is only hosted on this site for completeness' sake, and is not recommended for download.

Contains a distinct lack of good taste!

Download version 1.0 (7.79 MB)

Download 1.1 Patch (0.76 MB)

The Circy Series (2003-2005)


The Circy Series was a made back when I was young, and quite frankly, a bit of a jerk. The Circy games were made as a means of satirizing a developer named Circy, who was known for his generic platform games and his iconic 2-pixel-bordered art. Circy 1 plays  a bit like Tron meets Pac-Man -- you must navigate a maze and collect poop (Circy's "games"). Circy 3 plays like Kirby's adventure, with the player inhaling enemies in order to gain inspiration (and thus their powers). Circy 2 has been lost in the sands of time, forever. The music in Circy 1 was done by NapalmDoom. David Walton provided some of the coding for both games. As with Novabrain's Grand Adventure (above), these games are extremely tasteless and came about during a particularly bad era in my life -- a time where I was playing up the internet bad-boy stereotype. These games are only hosted on this site for completeness' sake, and are not recommended for download.

Contains a distinct lack of good taste!

Download Circy (0.99 MB)

Download Circy 3: Luck, Suck, and Two Pixel Borders (7.88 MB)

Super Fun Dungeon Run (2001)


Super Fun Dungeon Run, the game behind this site's name. Released under the group Do-Jin Nyuu!, this game is one of my earliest games I still have a copy of (It was done when I was around 12 years old!). The gameplay mechanics are simple -- run through an endless dungeon, avoiding both its traps and the giant boulder that is chasing close behind. The longer you last and the more deadly the traps you avoid, the higher your score! High scores unlock bonus content in the Omake section. The game features an online scoreboard, but the server that hosted the service has since become defunct.

Download (1.4 MB)

45 Responses to “Games”

  1. adasdasd Says:

    what about circy 3? that was fun

  2. Sergio Says:

    I was about to say, it’s a bit of a shame to not see at least one Circy game in that last section…

  3. Jeremy Says:

    What about Half-Life 2: Jaykin’ Bacon: Source?

  4. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    there you guys go!

    if i get in trouble because i’ve put up the circy/novabrain games, some of you will have some ‘splainin’ to do!

  5. puzzlebox Says:

    hey just curious but what program do you use and where can i get it? id like to get into this but i dont know where to start thanks if you can help me

  6. David Says:

    Why does a bro hate mac users so hard? Also, how was UCSD?

  7. Sallen Says:

    Perhaps you use just DirectX? I can’t tell just by playing, but it doesn’t look as SDL to me.

  8. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    david — multimedia fusion 2 doesn’t support macs!

    ucsd was great, but that may only have been because i was an art student.

  9. MADMAN-_-zZ Says:

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Merry Gear series, I enjoyed It as much as any retail game, would love to see more!

  10. hom Says:

    The underside is the best shooting/platformer/rpg/8-bitstyle i have played so far. I started laugh when you shown up to end off the demo with patch 3. Really cool and witty.

  11. Ray Says:

    I remember when OSD2 was still in production… I was a regular on the FAIND forums.

    How do you set off the TNT?

  12. Zane Says:

    Arthur Lee, you seem like a really amazing guy. I also want to be a game designer. I have created around 75 quarter-decent games with Game Maker 8 Pro.
    I am excitedly waiting for the finished Underside version. I hope to see a lot more original games instead of improving older Nintendo games. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that) :)

  13. Df458 Says:

    I love your games. Where did you get the idea for Merry Gear Solid? Other than Metal Gear Solid, of course.

  14. pyromaniac Says:

    I would give anything for the giant red circle nes emulator. PLEASE!?

  15. rey Says:


  16. Hothhorn Says:

    Hey dude i want to make a game but i did not have the education let alone the resorces so i was wondering cold you make it for me and make me the idea producer and the artist and script writer i dont know anything about codes please help

  17. Hothhorn Says:

    acctually forget about it youll think ists dumb

  18. Alex Says:

    whoa Hoth-horn bro, I’m just passing through and even I think it’s dumb already

  19. Chris Street (Circy!) Says:

    Hey Pod, just posting to say that I still have a copy of Circy 2. If you want it let me know by email :)

  20. A Fan Says:

    Hey Arthur, are you positive you can’t continue reworking on Operation Sitting Duck 2? I played through what you had and it seems like an amazing game to me. There aren’t many WWII games in the graphic art style you depicted it in and I think your fans will love it. (I know I will!)

  21. jklkkl Says:

    yo where is circry 2

  22. V Says:

    I wish I could make games….

  23. Jonathan Says:

    man!,are you crazy?iam here to say,the game merry gear and merry gear 2 are awessome,how you do this?multimedia fusion?metal gear forever thanks!

  24. Jonathan Says:

    Oh!merry christmas and a happy new gear!

  25. Secret Agent Snake Says:

    I will gladly do voice acting for free for you. You’ve got my mail.

  26. Chris Says:

    What does that mean, you having been an “internet bad-boy”?

    Judging from your website, you seem like a really nice dude now, btw.

  27. Twiterror Says:

    circy’s fat :-0




  29. Randomlurker2374345 Says:

    Why isn’t the underside done dangit ._.

  30. Bigg Boss Says:

    And can you tell us when you gonna finish merry gear solid 3?


    go to be very afraid i have informations for you arthur lee
    this is an idea i can more over my comment writhe give me your email i have many ideas for this writhe me an e-mail than we can do this but you can stop merry gear solid 3 and do merry gear 3
    in this project and i want an answer all people they have interesting on the project can writhe me emails bye


    over my project:
    1. the games have merry gear solid 3 graphics , all in on , i´m sure that arthur and i can make patchs,new weapons and an alert mode.
    and camlflaug uniforms and for face.
    2. it haven’t got an online mod thats sure but its have a boss fight mod
    i can´t say any more i hope arthur does this thats a god idea or
    you call this game :
    comming maby end of 2013 or middle or end 2015
    or its comming not

  33. aFAN Says:

    THE UNDERSIDE : the games come maby 2012
    merry gear solid 3 coming end of 2012 – beginning 2013

    king of the world programming soon games he writes this on a chat i can’t say with chat it is
    but he say games : fighter gear solid secret atom , super dario twins , super dario fighter , china runner he by maby a website
    i have later a interview with him he speak over the games and graphics and on his programs to programming the games
    mr.podunkian ending of production ?

    the mr.podunkian news time think he need help to programming the underside and merry gear solid 3 he production the underside and ending bad or he product the underside and create a new game and he producting the new game in many parts or he end with the underside and merry gear solid 3 bye

  34. aFAN Says:

    NEWSTIME MR.PODUNKIAN KOTW`s website games coming soon with updates

    ps: this is a german website all is german he live in germany the games too

  35. aFAN Says:

    superfungamezone games need c# 2010 and xna 4.0 pc

  36. wstephens55 Says:

    are you going to post a source for the screenshot demo?

  37. MadaraC Says:

    Hey! What about Merry Gear 3? and 4, 5…? Keep them up! Those are the best ones!

  38. aFan Says:

    He said he made games when he was 6 years and he found yesterday an old diskette with his old stealth shotter game “Sneaker” he make 2 3d remakes he have 13 Sneaker games and he his team make part 14 the last on.He and his team made this games with own cell-engine

  39. solid santa Says:

    Arthur please make Merry Gear Solid 3 i really loved the 1st and the 2nd part.the trailer shows 3D third person that’s awesome

  40. jamie Says:

    how do you make this cool games? Can you share with me on how to do it. I’m interested

  41. Alex Says:

    You should place a link here for a tutorial on how you created this games. Pretty awesome bro

  42. escort bayan Says:

    He said he made games when he was 6 years and he found yesterday an old diskette with his old stealth shotter game “Sneaker” he make 2 3d remakes he have 13 Sneaker games and he his team make part 14 the last on.He and his team made this games with own cell-engine

  43. Snake eater Says:

    Arthur Mr. Lee Podunkian please finish Merry Gear Solid 3, try to kickstart it, the money would be probably raised, just please make it, and make it a longer game and we will worship you even more :)

  44. Bob Says:

    Whatever happened to Merry Gear Solid 3?

  45. Solid Snake Says:

    Is Merry Gear Solid 3 still a happening i’m really eagered to see it.

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