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The Underside is an exploration based action platformer in the vein of games like Castlevania, Metroid, and Cave Story. Set on a flat planet, called The World, The Underside begins with the legend of the World's creation at the hands of a figure known as the Almighty King. When evil overtakes the surface of the world, the Almighty King decides to start anew by flipping the flat World upside down, with the upper side of the World now becoming the neglected Underside, and the blank canvas on the under side of the World now becoming the Overside. You play a character named Ip, who is thrust from the prosperous world of the Overside into the dark depths the Underside. All the while, the once-benevolent Almighty King is on the verge of destroying his creation. Throughout his adventure, Ip must find his way back to the Overside, and maybe prevent the World from being destroyed while he's at it. The game's world, characters, plot threads, and dialogue are heavily inspired by Earthbound/Mother 2, and are quirky, whimsical, and sometimes a little strange. The Underside has been under development since early 2005.

152 Responses to “The Underside”

  1. Tright Says:

    this game is so sexy

    i cant wait for the release in 20XX arthur

  2. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    if you haven’t checked out the music page for TU, check it out, there’s two tracks there that haven’t previously been released (i think) near the bottom of the page. they’re the ones done by j michael brown.

  3. Imp Says:

    Music, WAHOO!

    Also, the game is indeed sexy.

  4. JaJitsu Says:

    The non-pixel logo looks nice. good job.

  5. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    thanks, i had to the lettering by hand/mouse. it was pretty rough, but i’m happy with how it turned out as well (^:

  6. Adam Says:

    This game is pretty much perfect in every way; I am extremely impressed by the first 2 hours of gameplay. Although, I was hoping that I actually got to fight Arthur Lee at the end…

  7. Domingo Says:

    please tell me you will be making a port for hacked PSPs and a Mac version since i don’t have windows and i want to enjoy the game that has the look and feel of cave story but with FREE ROAMING :)

    and since PSP has both MAC and PSP ports it means it should be possible for this game to have them right?

    well i hope somehow you can do this one little request for me…idk what i could do for you in return but i would do whatever it took to have this game on my PSP especially since the story sounds so awesome

  8. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    an interesting tidbit:

    the underside was started on monday, july 04th, 2005. that means it’s only a little over four years old now.

  9. Reigalius Says:

    I played this earlier this year and then complained for a while about no updates ^_^
    Is this version any more than the old? Worth downloading again?

  10. Fayte16 Says:

    Just finished playing the new demo and I gotta say this game is totally awsome!!

    Please release the full thing or atleast another demo with more soon! ;__;

  11. Lizardman Says:

    That is one mighty fine game you have there.

  12. Kate Says:

    Holycrap, Cave Story meets Earthbound? Really? Those are my two top favorite games. This is… wow. Awesome.

  13. Kidna Says:

    I just got to understand the joke from when you die: “Ip was never found again” => Ip not found.

  14. tyler Says:

    I love this game! But I am stuck… Please post a walkthrough?

  15. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    a walkthrough might be a bit much — if you could post whereabouts you are, i could probably help you through it.

  16. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    another alternative is to look through the youtube ‘let’s play’ videos of the game.

  17. LimeHunter7 Says:

    This game is awesome. My favorite part is the Metroid doors. They are my most favorite element of a game, out of all the games I’ve ever played. Psheew, vwoop!

  18. MCSuire Says:

    This game owns. I have seen people make some great games, but this pretty much tops them.

  19. Siahene Says:

    Nice game but is the full version ever comng out?

  20. Gretgor Says:

    I loved the demo so much, I hope the full version comes out.

  21. Siahene Says:

    Playing the demo currently and loving it. You really know how to put those kojimaisms in your game. Also you have a good sense of humor

  22. Kasran Says:

    This game is the epic win. For srs. :3

    Keep on keeping on, good sir Podunkian, and I eagerly anticipate the day this game is finished.

  23. Aelesis Says:

    I’m not going to degrade this game in any way, because it is certainly very cool – I like the idea, and the characters are cool (Smell ya later! Wait. Who am I talking to?) – but seriously, this is a Cave Story mod (at its core). The graphics work the same, Route 66’s music has some Grasstown in there, the heal and save things are… Well, the same, but I won’t say it doesn’t expand. The third hand swinging, melee attacks and multiple saves are good.

  24. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    i don’t think you know what a “mod” is, but thanks for your input, bro!!!!!!

  25. UrbanMonk Says:

    This game is highly anticipated by me. One of your undercover fans. shhhh

  26. Carlos Solis Says:

    Haven’t you thought of making this game open-source, like in “free software”? It would be a great addition for the Linux users out there – and extra hands in a project like this are always welcome, am I right?

  27. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    carlos — it’s literally impossible, because the game is written in MMF which isn’t cross platform. it’s kind of like game maker in terms of how code is written, which is why it’s not just a matter of porting it over to a cross platform library or anything like that. sorry!

  28. secret Says:

    Podunkian I know who you are and if you don’t finish this soon I will kill you with 5-7 and glock 20 because I’m a switchernoob and not an honourable one weapon spammer homo. Wait, what?

  29. Midna Says:

    Sorry, but this really doesn’t compare to Cave Story. It’s lacking something, but I’m not sure what.

    Yes, the effects–and to a tiny extent, graphics–remind me of it, but that still doesn’t make them comparable.

    Also, why on earth would you want to use Multimedia Fusion instead of a language that can be made platform-portable, like C++?… I don’t understand it, but I’m sure you must’ve had a good reason.

    I can tell you’ve put effort into this, which is good. But it’s not what I’d expected, no. Sorry….

  30. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    this game isn’t cave story guys. guys, i want to remind you, this isn’t cave story. this game? the one right here on this page? it’s not cave story. see what it’s called? yep. it’s not called ‘cave story. so expect something that’s not cave story the next time you play my game, because my game? it’s not cave story.

  31. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    also, feel free to play cave story.

  32. Relix Says:

    Cave Story’s kinda meh, I found TU to be a lot better than CS, even if it was just a demo.

  33. Wareya Says:

    TU is the illegitimate child of cave story and a random NES game, and Earthbound.

  34. Ein Says:

    Major facepalm at this page. People saying that TU is a CS mod, lol.
    God damn, internet fail = check

  35. peeb Says:

    hurry up and finish please i’ve been waiting for so long

  36. baybayhimms Says:

    Can i please ask you when this might come out? I’ve been waiting for 2 years!!! I love you for making this but please! Its sooo good NOT to finish. Can all the fans PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get an estimate?

  37. Siahene Says:

    It brings tears to my eye when I see people calling the Underside Cavestory. The way I see it there alike in being a sidescrolling shooter and I didn’t know that was a crime

  38. baybayhimms Says:

    I completely agree! So right Siahene.

  39. mrsaturn123 Says:

    As similar as it is to Cave Story (not to sound like practically EVERYONE else here), I absolutely love it so far. Story drags me in from the very beginning and the gameplay is very fast paced. The humor is…just perfect. Very EarthBound like. I could see the inspiration without even reading about it. I hope you finish this sometime soon, I’m very excited to play more.

  40. Yohko86 Says:

    Out of all the Cave Story-like games I’ve seen, this one is TOPS! Can’t wait until it’s finished (or you release another demo)!

    Only one thing, though: With TU Preview 3 (patch ver. 3), the save points don’t work for some odd reason. The game plays perfectly otherwise on Windows 7 (Home Premium) except for that one little part. Oh well, I’m sure it’ll be fixed in later releases! :D

  41. Ilya Chentsov Says:

    Is there an actual ending to the current preview, or there’s just a moment when there’s nothing left to do?

  42. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    @iilya chentsov — there’s an actual ending. however, because the plot of the game will deviate quite a bit from the preview, it’s not really important to play to it.

    knowing where most players get stuck, you’ll have to return to buddy in the ruins and investigate the pipe.

  43. Ilya Chentsov Says:

    Yeah, would have never guessed.
    But, other that that, enjoyable all along.

  44. Basim Says:

    Hey. Love ALL your games. Big big fan. Finished MGS 1 and 2 the other day (by you) and now playing the underside. Great game. kinda not knowing what to do next after rescuing the mayor so if you could me a heads up on that. How to call that damn monkey?
    Keep up the good work.

  45. baybayhimms Says:

    Please post some progress you’ve made! I can’t wait any longer!

  46. ripp Says:

    i downloaded preview3 and played through till i got to underside city after the boss and ive already come across a problem. this game is supposed to be hard i take it. thats okay. but this game seems to cross the line over to nintendo hard alot more than it should

    for example, you cant jump off of the edge of platforms as you run and jump, you have to jump while the sprite is pretty much all on the ground. this doesnt seem like much but when you try a jump that seems like it should work and yet fail and fall onto spikes, it gets jarring (aka trying to collect the big coins after the second running rhino-thing in the starting).

    similarly, i killed the first boss and saved just outside (i wont even mention the annoyance if i had accidentally died on the spikes or jellies and had to redo that fight). saved and went to underside city, got through the cut scene and jumped down. missed the save point and heal. tried to jump up over and over and couldnt make it. finally gave up and went to the town hall, went to the place behind it and died. now i respawned all the way back after the boss and i have to watch all the cutscenes again.

    it mightnt seem like much but it can be. these things dont make the game harder and fun, it makes it annoying and seemingly arbitrary punishment for bothering to play. it sucks even more because i love what i saw of the game, the characters, the MUSIC IS AWESOME and the humour is BRILLIANT. i would recommend this to everyone i know…. except id have to tell them that after having died, i have little to no motivation to pick up the game again and make this trek because i didnt foresee the save point at a spot i couldnt see below me or get back to

    if there is some secret hidden catch that makes this all better, i would love to know it because i really do like the game and most of all, the humour. its very rare for such offbeat humour to be pulled off so well (but then you did make MGS1 and 2). but because of game design decisions like this, it just makes the fun stuff feel distant and playing the game itself, painful. sorry.

  47. ripp Says:

    i am sorry, i just reloaded it and tried it again and didnt see a possible jump. so im sorry for bringing up the inaccessible save point as an example. however, it does still seem at times to be slightly wonky at times, especially concerning the jumping, which sucks since its a platformer (and save points after you beat a boss would be nice, rather than having to risk dying to get to the save point, especially when spikes/no hp regen is concerned). however, with careful placement and maybe some reconsideration, im sure youll be able to allay these fears :) but they are considerably less now that i see you havent done gone into nintendo hard difficulty. i hope the gameplay keeps being ‘fun’. hope you reevaluate the fairness of some placement of powerups and the gameplay mechanics, this game would be a definite favourite for me if its balanced well gameplaywise – i happen to LOVE the mother series (if you havent played mother 3 you should) :O

    but again, sorry for jumping the gun. i hope you keep the game fun to play, as well as to take in

  48. ripp Says:

    hey just finished the demo. i was stuck in a section (forgot to reopen the ty letter for the item and i was looking everywhere for a phone to make an appointment :S). idk if your sick of me yet. if not, id love to tell what i thought of the preview. but i thought id ask first in case you didnt want to read another post from me after what i said before. but thanks for the game either way

  49. Max Says:

    Dude you’re so wrong, have you never played super mario, or spelunker? Those games are hard as shit and when you die you start all over. This one atleast has check points and is actually very easy when compared to spelunker. This game is awesome and I can’t wait to play it, unless you’ve given up Podunkian in which case I can’t wait for BuddyLands!

  50. hom Says:

    This game is cooler than cavestory. I just cant wait for the full version.
    About the demo; there is a bug at the bridge (where appears the black cat): if you jump instead off run, you go all the way to the end off the screen and fall. And if you go back, the event fails.

  51. hom Says:

    Ripp. I know how to access that sooooo called “inaccessible save point”.

    First off all. It IS accessible. You have to jump over the ladder between the “dogkid” and the taxi. Then, you jump over the bakery shop (right on the sign off it). And only then you jump for the save point and heal. Also, you can talk to the cop and the dancing girl once you get above; or check the other cop that is afraid off heights (on the building).
    PS: i dont see a problem with the jump.

  52. hom Says:

    Hey Mr. Podunkian. What about adding something that makes the hero faster for a short period; like a dash or something. Add swordplay with an umbrella for the melee.

  53. kopa Says:

    I loved Cave Story and the first time I saw this game was on a trailer at Like many I instantly thought “Cave-story rip-off”. At first I thought it was Cave Story just with a sprite-change. I played your first demo and wasn’t much impressed. It just felt like something that tried to be Cave Story but didn’t quite succeed. The newest demo however really pushes itself away from Cave Story. The visual style is very much the same but the atmosphere, setting and characters are so unique now that I can at most say that the games are “similar” now. I hope you’re still working on it and we’ll eventually see a full release of this game. Cheers!

  54. Fungusilitastic Says:

    At the end of the demo he said, eventually, and currently he is doing stuff to it.

    Like a better mod making system, the ability to make your own guns, and other shit that give the game new potentials, and ladder world.

  55. Fungusilitastic Says:

    Be glad, or he will summon his alter-ego Duncan, his drunk demon.

  56. regor Says:

    Was just playing the demo some, and it froze on me as I talked to Andi in the city(person dancing near one of the cops). Dunno if it was just my computer being a jackass, or if this has happened to anyone else.

  57. Roaric Says:

    After being teased with the promise successful start-up, just before the I can begin a level, I get a “Lua Error : Invalid File” Is anyone familiar with this issue, perhaps?
    Thanks for reading none the less.

  58. Tomothy37 Says:

    I wantses dis!

  59. pyromaniac Says:

    so… there isn’t a full version because you haven’t designed all the levels yet? maybe us geeks could submit some level ideas.
    (this post is adressed to the Podunkian)

  60. pyromaniac Says:

    I’ve been playing metroid a lot lately, and i’ve discovered something about the “exploration” aspect of your game, Mr. Podunkian.
    well, to be blunt, it isn’t there. sure, compared to CS, TU has a TON of exploration.
    but let me tell you, Metroid makes TU look pathetic.
    I mean, TU has plenty of hidden expansions, but every time I play your game,
    I can’t help but miss the Labrynthian corridors and maze-like infrastructure
    of Zebes. all I want really is for exploration to be NECESSARY to beat TU.
    not for it to be some little extra expansion, but rather, a important part of the, I’m sorry if I sounded rude; but I just HAD to get this off my chest.

  61. monjo Says:

    i just got the grappling hook thing, and rescued the mayor.
    dont have a clue what to do now!
    any help would be appreciated. i kept going round in circles all over the place, the furthest area i can get to has 2 areas i can go through (ladders & closed with the pig there). i went back to the city but cant go to the previous area either.
    THANKS! :D

  62. monjo Says:

    ok my bad, im ok now :)

  63. monjo Says:

    forgot to say: looking like a great game, THANKS.
    i hope there are more skills (double jump, wall jump,things like that) in the finished version.
    also i loved the hotel room, all those chambers look good! lots outfits and different weapons will be so good!
    cant wait to see the finished version whenever that may be!

  64. Nitromatic Says:

    Ah yes, this game has Mother-ish feel in it. I like it, as I am big fan of Mother/Earthbound series. I love this game, hope it will be ready when.. well, when it’s ready.

    I really want to see how antagonist will work out.

  65. Linkshot Says:

    You and Notch need to team up and make an Underside-themed Minecraft.

  66. name Says:

    i need this game so badly :(

  67. MCSuire Says:

    I love this game. Can’t wait till its finished!

  68. Scott Hall Says:

    Can anyone give a hint on what to do after you save the mayor? I’ve only managed to find a few pieces of toast and the monkey who needs me to call ahead. AWESOME game, just been stuck for hours now.

  69. Big Kev Says:

    ^Press down on the pipe (like Mario!)

  70. TDY Says:

    I’m in heaven. Of couse,My cusion is in hell beacause he hates both EB and CS. (Freak. >.>)

  71. TDY Says:

    @Linkshot:Oh-emm-gee yes.

  72. TDY Says:

    Also,Keep the “curse” Thing in,I loled. Obligatory “THAT SURE IS A LONG CAT”

  73. slunchy Says:

    really enjoyed the game once i was able to play it
    if you ever need more music for the game i could help!
    i really haven’t had this much fun playing a game in forever

    yours (in a weird way),

  74. minecraft cheats Says:

    Finally a game which might tear me away from minecraft? Looking forward to playing now.

  75. fgt Says:

    You guys are all retarded.
    Quit talkin about Earthbound and Cave Story,
    Cave Story was incredibly over hyped by you gluttons.
    Pixels Glasses game was cooler than Cave Story.
    Earthbound was actually a fun game,
    but you fgts once again dilute it with your constant ENDLESS fanboy butfegeting.

    The Underside is equally interesting.
    But you guys are already saturating it with mindless and feckless jabbering,
    giving it a cookie cutter existence by already tagging it with Cave Story and Earthbound. And its still only a demo.

    Podunkian could take as long as he pleases to make the game.
    He could even just quit this project all together.
    With the way I can already see it being perverted by you fucks, I kind of hope he does just quit it. As much as I would like to see it finished.
    This list of comments is rather depressing as it expresses such a linear and narrow stretch of thought.

    With no disrespect to Mr. Podunkian.
    Though I doubt he will agree with me.

  76. Sca Says:

    Whoa… just finally finished the preview, and… if this is only the first 2-5% like it says in the readme file, you’re certainly ambitious! Really looking forward to the finished game.

  77. Arthur Says:

    Hi, I played the preview and I greatly enjoyed it. Looks like you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you if this was 2-5% of the whole thing. :D

    I promise I’ll gladly pay for this when it is in a complete state. (I like it better than Cave Story, the humor is more mature and cynical and the gameplay is more challenging)

    Great stuff you have there.. I hope to go into The Pit and speak to Bones soon.

    Is there a newsletter or something where you keep fans updated?

    Best regards,


  78. Tim Says:

    Finish it, the time for manners has passed, finish it now.

  79. yyy375 Says:

    I finally find this site an hour after I sent you an e-mail. Now I know it has not been finished yet. Hope see the final release soon~~
    (my poor English…hope the words in script be easy enough for me to enjoy the story)

  80. someguy Says:

    D: this game is so awesome! but its been out for 6 YEARS! when do you intend to finish it???

  81. hiimaperson Says:

    This is going to be the new Duke Nukem Forever.

  82. Linkshot Says:

    It’s already the DNF of indie gaming.

  83. Linkshot Says:

    This page should just be replaced with a giant banner that says:


  84. Siahene Says:

    You should meet this guy Corey Lewis he’s the same as you instead with comics. For example he just released the sequel to his comic Sharknife and it was supposed to come out 6 years ago…

  85. Munchie Says:

    This game is awesome, just simply awesome, it’s a pity you’ve lost all interest in finishing it, but I just gotta say, I enjoyed it more than most of the games on the market for the console. Keep on making more and more amazing games.

  86. Different55 Says:

    Can’t wait for it to be finished.

  87. Machupichu Says:

    I’m getting an error after I go through the first door :( is there something I can do to fix it?

  88. yyy375 Says:

    “EverEternal WinterWorld2″ is a game I had played after finish the demo version of Underside. It’s a game that similar with Cavy Story & Underworld. At least it is finnished. Recommend you guys above play “EverEternal WinterWorld2″ though it is not better than Underside…

    (My poor English…sorry)

  89. sleownchy Says:

    at least drop the plot and let us try and make it!

  90. Herpderp Says:

    Just like MachuPichu Im getting the same error with the game crashes after I enter the first door D: I would love to play more of the game but, I cant

  91. Unsure Says:

    So, is this confirmed to be totally abandoned forever? I cannot have peace until I know for sure!

  92. DDMX Says:

    @Machupichu @HerpDerp
    Just ridhtclick the .exe go to the compatiblity tab and select Windows 95 and then click ok.
    now it should work!

  93. Ryutto Says:

    i cant wait for 20XX :D, so pumped for this game, please make a Mac port when it is done !!!

  94. Huntar Says:

    It wouldn’t be so bad if he’d just admit he couldn’t finish the first good game he was working on.

  95. Artur Lurich Says:

    Hey there… are you still doing this? Just answer that please, I don’t care if it’s not done or the date of it’s completion, sometimes patience is key. It’s just… are you still making this game?

    I hope I wasn’t too annoying. :(

  96. Jack Barber Says:

    Hello, just curious but are you still working on this and/or planning to finish it?
    If so do you have a estimate of when you believe it might be done? Yeah, I realize it’s already been like 7 years, but I was just curious.

  97. Sergii Savchenko Says:

    Yeah, man. Are you going to finish this game? It’s absolutely fantastic)
    I want to know what the story will end with!)
    I like the humor and atmosphere..

    “I don’t believe you will proceed with this game, but you definitely should.

    the Underside Safety Comitee”


  98. Charem Says:

    I’d like to add to the other recentish comments and state that I still really hope you get around to completing this. ^^; Or at least giving us an update. I really am fond of your design for this game and would still love to play it.

  99. Q Says:

    Another day, another comment asking you to finish the game.

  100. novelweapons Says:


  101. Ryutto Says:

    guess whos back (me)guess what hes asking for, A GAME

  102. Total 2D Says:

    I guess I’m a lot like you, Arthur. I start a lot of games, and end up never finishing them. Most of my games never get heard of, especially the small ones. But wow…this game, honestly, seems to have a better plot, story, and idea than Metroid Castlevania and CaveStory together.

    I would like to say though, I plan on resuming work on a bunch of old, canceled games that I’ve left sitting on my computer’s hard drive for a long time. Please consider doing the same.

  103. Sven Says:

    Hey, I’m not sure if you will see this…….but…if you do. This is a great thing ouo. I hope you can find the strength to continue this.

  104. the guy who wants the underside finished Says:

    I love you arthur, And i hate you, just please finish the game?
    im sure it will be very successful.

  105. Ben Kearns Says:

    in the year 2508 scientists unearth a capsule containing´╗┐ the murdered corpse of a man who wont finish The Underside

  106. kragor1200 Says:

    I love you arthur for getting back to working on The Underside.

  107. chris Says:

    have you ever considered kick-starting this?

  108. AzumaGames Says:

    Hey, I’m back from the future, guys! This comes out the same year as Half-Life 3! What a busy year!

  109. Barry Says:

    Sooooo…finished yet?

  110. Ryutto Says:

    Check out his youtube channel if you haven’t, theres been a recent update with some more on the game!

  111. Kidna Says:

    Still waiting…

  112. Dempt Says:

    So, is this ever going to be finished? Or is this considered abandoned after 6 years?

  113. za Says:

    I like how the very earliest comment predicts a release date of 20XX.

  114. Kyle Says:

    Hey there, I ask that you don’t abandon this game, please. It has so much potential; it would be a shame to let it go to waste. Here’s hoping for your motivation to kick in.

  115. tito76 Says:

    Yeah, it’s a super rare playable action trip! Umanity needs that game!

  116. iodinebrick Says:

    Periodically checking on this game a couple times a year for several years and no changes in a long time. I was really hoping that with the plethora of release platforms for a game like this development would start up again. Steam, XBL, PSN and most recently the OUYA console all seem like they are perfect for this game. With the popularity of indie games it really seems like a shame for this game not to make its mark.

  117. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    it’s not much, but it’s a start:

    i’ve actually got it running on a google nexus 7 at full speed, so a OUYA port might not actually be out of the question. but that’s a bridge i’ll have to cross when the game is actually a game again, hahaha :^)

  118. Total 2D Says:

    I am not sure how to contact Mr. Podunkian. I have already sent him two Emails, but it seems there is no response. If anyone has a better way of contacting Arthur Lee, I would really appreciate it! Thank you.

  119. Carbon_KO Says:

    Still waiting for Merry Gear Solid 3. Yeah I’ve given up on asking you to finish the Underside.

  120. o Says:

    Mr. Podunkian, Sir, I would just like to say that the game you have here is complete joy to my life. Though not finished, it is just a pleasant and almost reminiscent game that feels like it is meant to be played. A complete special experience. I do hope that one day in the future we will all be able to rejoice at your accomplished masterpiece.

  121. Ness Says:

    Any news on The Underside?
    It’s been like… 3 or 2 years without news about it?
    What’s going on?
    I’m-a wanna know!

  122. Keturah Says:

    So…does that mean that IF you complete development on this game that you’ll at least heavily consider releasing it for Android devices? If so, that would be good (but seeing a finished product is better :3).

  123. Keturah Says:

    BTW, I was responding to Mr. Podunkian’s earlier comment.

  124. Uri Says:

    Can I play it yet?

  125. ColorCrims0n Says:

    Estimasted release…2016? i found out about this 3 years ago. still no updates. anyway, take your time.

  126. Jamie Says:

    Ever going to finish this?

  127. Yatto Says:

    Still waiting.

    Ten years to develop a good game, that’s sad that you don’t have any team to help you.

  128. Keiker Says:

    Please give us some news, Arthur!

  129. Ola M├ąrtensson Says:

    I wait and wait … and wait…. and wait.. how long do i need to wait.. i am not so behaving waiting 10 years for a good game!!!

  130. erabous Says:

    Is this game not going to be finished or did I miss something?

  131. Squark Says:

    Any news on Underside? I really love the game design, it’s fantastic. Please continue it, I’d be happy to do something like Kickstarter to support you.

  132. wowsers Says:

    well people, last time I checked up on this game it was 2010… and it seems to have changed nothing… and that makes me sad…

  133. blublub Says:

    should we just give up waiting because I don’t want to keep my hopes up for the next 30 years.

  134. NO I WONT STOP HOPE Says:



  135. QuoteFanboy Says:

    I would definitely support a kickstarter for this game. The game felt so fluid and fun, and since it was so close to one of my favorite games, obviously cavestory by the name, I was psyched. I actually had a hard time deciding which one I liked more. because I loved the fact in cave story I was a robot, but in this game your combat system is so much more intricate. I really couldn’t say, but I was beginning to like this game almost as much, if not more, than cave story but I wanted to see the story develop before I gave a deciding factor on that. Yet… it died. I guess he probably wanted to create something more original, and from his own hands, then something people would flock to because it reminds them of something else. It’s a common thing that happens with a lot of developers that I’ve worked with and spoken to. Problem is, they never know what they want and get so lazy that they never amount to doing anything, which causes everything to die before I could even consider it alpha.

    I would gladly support a kickstarter for this game; however, I’m not sure how many others would. It’s a shame seeing things that I’ve been dramatically interested in die so quickly, yet something as silly as “Potato salad” got so successful that it broke the fabric of reality.

  136. Major Says:

    Wow, it’s been years since I’ve checked on this game… Still nothing. Development started when I was 8… I’m 18 now. I can only pray to the highest heavens that this game gets released soon. Yes, I still have hope. Mr. Podunkian, you’ve got an amazing thing going here, a high-quality game that will no doubt go down as a classic, the game everyone will be talking about. I’m sure everyone who has posted here in the past couple of years would agree with me… I’m also sure everyone here still awaits the release of this game.

    I ask you Mr. Podunkian, for the greater good of mankind, that you please finish this game. If I can help in any way, I will.

  137. Art Li Says:

    @Major: Just play cave story, dude.

  138. GamersTavern Says:

    I’ve been following this game for nearly a decade. I hope it gets released someday.

  139. Annomus Says:

    I’m trying to play your game The Underside, but after the first tutorial screen, the game crashes. I hope there is a fix. Thanks!

  140. Normie Says:

    I have been waiting forever for this game. And I will continue to wait.

    Cave Story is an amazing game, but I have played it many times now and I just must have more. CS 2 I hear is in the works, however that was some time back in 2011.

    All these years and yet I still want another game of this type. I just love the demo and I hope that we will get this one day. The market is saturated with all kinds of terrible games and we really need some good QUALITY games like the Underside to show all the early access and greenlight bullshit what a real game is like.

  141. Major Says:

    @Art Li: I already have. Countless times, in fact. I love Cave Story, but it can only be replayed so many times. The Underside looks fresh and as magnificent as Cave Story does. To be honest, I don’t see the point of your comment. Everyone (or almost everyone) here wants to see The Underside completed and playable, so it’s only natural that we exclaim our hopes, it can’t hurt. It’s like you don’t care about the progress of the game yourself…

  142. Ace D. Portagaz Says:

    Is there a guide for the Almighty Paintbrush anywhere becuase I need some serious help.

  143. Ooga Booga Says:

    How do you fix the PxPlay.mfx error?
    I’ve been trying to fix it for a year.

  144. Another lost soul Says:

    @Ooga Booga

    You need msvcr71.dll and place it inside your windows folder (for example C:\Windows\msvcr71.dll)

    It won’t work if you place that DLL in the game folder.

    The problem I have though is that I crash when entering in the cave after the tutorial starts. Anyone know how to fix that? I was thinking of using the save on an older version or something.

  145. Turon Says:

    This is a great game, its no more a rip off of cave story than cave story is a rip off of Metroid…
    @Arthur Lee, are you still alive? you know this game has an very interesting setting and story with earthbound and cave story elements and a nice bright color palette.

  146. Brent McAllister Says:

    Is this game ever going to come out? It looks so awesome!

  147. A person Says:

    Is there a mac version? Probably not…

  148. wow Says:

    can’t wait till 30XX though

  149. bobbyboulders Says:

    10 years later…

  150. Ooger Booger Says:

    @Another lost soul
    Thank you so much! I can finally play this game after 10 years!

  151. Anmi Says:

    I found how to stop the tutorial crash thing. First, right click the startup icon and select properties. Then go to compatibility and switch it to windows 95 and run the game to the first save point. (level loads may take a long time) After that, switch the compatibility back to the latest version you have, and it should run fine afterwards.

  152. Springsteen Says:

    I would defenitely be interested in supporting a Kickstarter for this. I hope Arthur Lee still checks these comments. This game blew me away when I played it, a true successor to Cave Story. Can someone get in contact with him?

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