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8-BITar Hero was a project completed in just two months from UCSD’s Recombinant Serendpity exhibit that took place early June, 2009. 8BITar Hero is basically Rock Band except with a Nintendo emulator generating the music and levels.

Gameplay levels that are procedurally generated from the act of playing a game. One person plays NES games on an emulator, others play a Rock Band game with levels that are generated algorithmically from the audio code of the NES game. The focus here is the generative nature of the game, and the process by which the levels are created.

Official Website

You can find information regarding 8-BITar Hero, as well as a development log of the project at the 8-BITar Hero website, located here.


Live demonstration footage from UCSD’s Recombinant Serendipity exhibit.

Just slightly out of date video of 8-BITar Hero in action.

7 Responses to “8-BITar Hero”

  1. dillomatic Says:

    can we download this?

  2. Cloaytonem2 Says:

    I’m betting this is not released yet, but I am waiting eargerly for the release.

    because I love Rock Band and 8-bit music.

  3. Chase McCaskill Says:

    I would pay MONEY FOR THIS.

  4. Peter Says:

    Its NEVER gonna be released, look at the desrciption of retronome and youll see why.

  5. gnat Says:


    When for download is now?

  6. Houky Says:

    This should absolutely be made into an indie game for wii u

  7. Koty Says:

    I would agree, this game should be released

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