The Zybourne Clock - Music

Music from one of many failed attempts at creating a fake version of the doomed project, The Zybourne Clock. Time travel played an important role in The Zybourne Clock‘s mythology, as did ripping off Final Fantasy, so a great deal of these songs incorporate both Final Fantasy songs and well known songs related to time.

Let’s Do The Zybourne Again (Battle Theme)

The battle theme music. Based on both the Final Fantasy 6 battle music, and Timewarp from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Clocks (Boss Battle Theme)

The boss battle music. Based on both the Final Fantasy 6 boss battle music, and Coldplay’s Clocks (around 0:30).

Box Battle

In Final Fantasy games, there are always treasure boxes that, when opened, spring a trap that forces you to fight a battle. The text message that comes up before such a battle is “Monster-in-a-box!” A gag we had planned for The Zybourne Clock was to have a similar sort of treasure box — one that triggered a battle with Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series with the same message, “Monster-in-a-box!” (the joke being that Solid Snake often hides inside of boxes in order to sneak around). This was to be the battle music that played during this battle.

Theme no Johnny (Johnny’s Theme)

This was to be the theme song of Johnny Five Aces. It features a riff from Heart’s Crazy On You. Johnny now makes an appearance in The Underside.

8 Responses to “The Zybourne Clock”

  1. Rockin'Ness Says:

    Why didn’t you finish The Zyborne Clock? An RPG from you would have been awesome! I can’t stop listening to Theme no Johnny. It’s better than the theme in The Underside!

  2. Zybourne supremacy Says:

    The Zyborne clock wasnt real, it was a hilarious thing that happend upon a time

  3. Annihilator Beta Says:

    clearly theme no johnny should be remade for the underside and used at some point. it would be pretty… good.

  4. Rockin'Ness Says:

    About Johnny in The Underside, is he dead? Because it seems like Ip killed him. If he finds some way to re-appear, then use Theme no Johnny instead of the Johnny B. Goode-ish theme.

  5. Reigalius Says:

    Ooh, Clocks is really cool

  6. Five Aces Says:

    So… is there a way to download these in mp3 format for my mp3 player?

  7. pyromaniac Says:

    I Love Theme No Johnny. It is awesome.

  8. pyromaniac Says:

    I heartily agree. theme no Johnny is so ridiculously awesome.

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