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Retronome is the precursor to 8BITar Hero. It was developed in one week in Flash using Actionscript 3.0. The idea? Take all of the things nerds love (video games, video games that give nerds the illusion that they are sexy rock stars) and to smash them together forcibly into a game that lets you play classic Nintendo video game songs in a Guitar Hero-esque fashion. The original idea was to procedurally generate levels from NSF files — essentially, NES music that’s been ripped from NES roms — which would allow the player to play along with almost any song from any NES game ever. As is the case with lofty ideas and proving pretty cool concepts, the actual finished product only really did half of these things, and when I say “did” I really mean “sort of did.” Because I was working in Flash (with Actionscript 3.0 — the more socially accepted version of Actionscript (if the social circle you are trying to penetrate is a circle of programmers [which is to say, not a very “social” circle at all]) — it was nearly impossible for me to use raw NSF files, as that would require me to write, essentially, a NES emulator in Flash. Instead, I used a handy tool called NSF2MID to convert certain songs from certain NSF files into midi files, which could be read in Flash using some libraries I found. This, of course, is not really what I wanted to do (or at least, was only half of what I wanted to do).

Track List

1.  BOMBERMAN 2 SONG     – Bomberman 2 – Level
2.  BUBBLE BOBBLE SONG   – Bubble Bobble – Level
3.  DR. MARIO SONG       – Dr. Mario – Fever
4.  FINAL FANTASY SONG A – Final Fantasy 1 – Title
5.  FINAL FANTASY SONG B – Final Fantasy 1 – Battle
6.  KID ICARUS SONG      – Kid Icarus – Underworld
7.  MAPPY SONG           – Mappy – Level
8.  MARIO SONG A         – Super Mario Bros 1 – Overworld
9.  MARIO SONG B         – Super Mario Bros 1 – Underground
10. MARIO 2 SONG         – Super Mario Bros 2 – Overworld
11. MARIO 3 SONG         – Super Mario Bros 3 – Overworld 2 (i think)
12. MEGAMAN 2 SONG       – Megaman 2 – Title
13. METROID SONG         – Metroid
14. MOTHER SONG A        – Mother/Earthbound 0 – Title
15. MOTHER SONG B        – Mother/Earthbound 0 – New Age Retro Hippie Battle Song
16. MOTHER SONG C        – Mother/Earthbound 0 – Overworld
17. TETRIS SONG          – Tetris – Level
18. ZELDA SONG           – The Legend of Zelda – Overworld
19. ZELDA SONG           – The Legend of Zelda 2 – Battle

10 Responses to “Retronome”

  1. Captain8-bit Says:

    How do I put in my own songs? I tried putting them through nsf2midi, but they still don’t appear on my playlist!

  2. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    just replace the existing midi files. i think there was one more step that had to be taken but i don’t quite remember since it’s been a really long time since i made this.

  3. name Says:

    man this is too difficult

  4. Diplodocus Says:

    Where is the link for the Download?

  5. Hello Says:

    I have the midi file, but how do I add it for the game, I really enjoy the game but it would be a lot of fun if we could add songs, please reply soon, thank you.

  6. Carter McFarland Says:

    I like what you guys are up too. Such smart work and reporting! Keep up the superb works guys I

  7. Jherek Ford Says:

    Would you happen to still have the .Fla around? I would really love to see how you did this and delve into some editing (for personal use). If you do still have it around I’d love to see it (with your permission of course), however if you’d rather keep the uncompiled project secret thats ok too. I just think this is a really cool project, good job mate!

  8. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    jherek — this version of the project is pretty uninteresting in terms of how it works (at least compared to 8BITAR HERO which actually read the raw NSF files) — retronome was really just a glorified MIDI player with gameplay stuff added on top. regardless, i don’t think i have the FLA for this one anymore, unfortunately.

  9. Jherek Ford Says:

    Huh… well I started to come to that conclusion, still a good amount of fun though. I think I could probably figure out how to make something similar. Thanks for responding!

  10. Mr. Chartreuse Says:

    According to the readme you can either replace one of the files or edit the source code. I’m assuming editing the source code is for if you want to add in another piece without having to replace anything. That said, I have no idea how to actually do that. I’ve got a copy of the JScript that I made for tinkering around with in notepad, but I don’t even know what to be messing around with.

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