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Half-Life 2: Jaykin’ Bacon Source is a Half-Life 1 mod that I programmed in my spare time. There is no logic behind its design — weapons, and other elements of gameplay were added purely on whim. Still, HL2JKS (the mod’s official acronymization) featured a lot of features never before seen on the Half-Life 1 engine, such as enhanced graphical effects to replace many of Half-Life 1’s built in features.


  • Voice acting by me.
  • Action-Half-life style diving.
  • Day of Defeat style proning.
  • Unreal Tournament style combo messages.
  • Around 30 weapons.
  • A very pretty particle system.
  • Many interesting game modes.


There are around 30 weapons in HL2JKS. Among some of the more unique/iconic:


The chainsaw must be revved before it can be used to attack. An unexpected feature of the chainsaw is that it can also be thrown (it slices up any organic targets, and explodes on contact with any wall/ground/surface).

Scoped Knife

A knife with a scope attached. The scope can be used for reconnaissance. The scope serves no other purpose.

Cardboard Box

The cardboard box works similarly to how it does in Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid series — standing still while crouched will render its user completely invisible.

Hand Gun

Your character sticks his hand out in the shape of a gun. Clicking makes the character say “Kabang.” Right clicking switches the gun to machine gun mode, which says “A-ratatatata.” When used on an enemy’s back, it holds up the enemy, causing them to become stunned, and to drop their weapons.

Game Modes

Besides deathmatch and team deathmatch, HL2JKS also has many very unique game modes.

Snake versus Monkey

A single player (Solid Snake) must sneak past all of the other players (Guards), and reach the Kerotan without being killed. Snake has the advantage of superior mobility (being able to run, and dive, whereas the guards are not), and a camouflage system (Which renders Snake more or less transparent depending on both the camouflage he is wearing, and the surface he is standing on.) Guards, on the other hand, have superior firepower and numbers.

Real Snake Versus Monkey

A single player (Solid Snake), must survive for an amount of time against a gang of unruly monkeys. The monkeys are fast, but are only able to attack Snake by punching him. Monkeys are also able to respawn.

Battle Royale

All of the players spawn in random locations, with a single random weapon from the game’s expansive arsenal. The only way to procure other weapons is to take them off the bodies of other players. The last man standing is the winner.

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  1. Weine Says:

    Ah, good times. I miss playing this on Killbox. Where’s that old trailer at?
    Also, we should play the real Source version sometime, if you can find it…

  2. Jetex1911 Says:

    Does anyone play this game anymore? I found only one server, and it’s empty.

  3. Corporal Dogmeat Says:

    Still the best HL mod there is.

  4. High Velocity Raptor Says:

    Judging from some of your older Youtube videos Dogmeat, yes!

  5. Skye Fox Says:

    definitely it is still best game.

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