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You can play a special version of STREEMERZ in your browser. This version of the game features many new, never before seen gameplay modes. Check it out at Kongregate.


This version of the game is PC standalone, and does not feature many of the features included in the new Flash re-release above. It is highly recommended that you play the Flash version of the game. Download Version 1.3 (8.24 MB) Version 1.3 fixes the fact that the money collected stat doesn't properly get reported in the game's post-game stats screen. The saved statistics from old versions of the game are compatible with 1.3. Version 1.2 fixes some of the (unintentional) typos. It's not necessary to download this new version if you've already downloaded 1.1.

22 Responses to “Download”

  1. Jerk Says:

    is there more to this game than just falling endlessly?

  2. Jerk Says:

    after re-downloading everything works fine

  3. Eris Says:

    That’s part of the genuine unlicensed NES experience.

  4. Cney Says:

    What a hard fucking game…


  5. the man Says:

    all i do is fall endlessly, even if i re-download it. it really sucks.

  6. j Says:

    It was CRAZY hard at the start, steep learning curve made the beginning rough. About half way through level 1 I got the hang of it and starting having a great time with the game. Right when I got to the yellow levels with all the flames is when the game went bad. It feels like there is an acceleration of gravity when you fall, which makes you have to be waaaay too precise when you have to do falling grapples. Also the hitbox for the feet seems to be a little off. I would try to slowly bounce myself down a wall above a red orb and over and over again would die even when my feet were well above the orb. Overall a fun game but needs some tweaking if people are going to stick with it past the first screens and then actually finish it.

  7. dzsxhgfjnm Says:

    Why call it what it clearly isn’t? The only similarities are that you go up and that you shoot a thing on a diagonal. The game mechanics aren’t anything alike and there doesn’t appear to be any strategy to how you go up other than “don’t touch bad things”.

    What the fuck?

  8. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    are you sure you guys extracted the files properly? my guess is that you are either running the EXE by itself, or that you did not extract the game properly, maintaining directory structure.

  9. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    @dzsxhgfjnm — stick with it past level 1 i guess? the later levels require more careful use of the streemerz and the first level is really there to get you acquainted to the hook and basic movement with it. if this video doesn’t convince you that there’s more to the game than “don’t touch bad guys”, i don’t really know what would:

  10. None given Says:

    Screw you for including an unskippable cutscene right before a boss fight. 206 deaths, 7 moneybags.

    The Contra-style jump physics (can change direction in mid-air but not stop horizontal motion) accounted for at least half of my deaths. Did that decision influence level design?

    Does having created the game make you skilled at it? Put differently, is the game easier for you than it would be for someone else?

  11. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    @none given — sorry about that — that unskippable cutscene was more a decision borne from laziness than wanting to mess with the player or anything like that.

    the decision to not have a more precise jump was absolutely an informed decision — i wanted my game to play primarily as a grapple hook game, and giving too much control to the player would turn my neat grapple mechanic into a standin for a jump button, which is something i wanted to avoid at all costs (except for those few puzzles where the grapple button IS a jump button, hah)

    as for my skill level in the game — i’m not bad at it — certainly better than most average players. the levels that were in the game before were much, much much harder than the ones that appear in the finished product.

  12. skeptical jesus Says:

    What, no save? I hit “esc” on the first level with the flames after you fall for like 4 or 5 screens to go answer the phone, and lost all my progress. would have tried to finish, but not gonna try and redo all the old progress.

  13. Action 52 Says:

    Careful! don’t hit the Escape key – this resets all your progress. You may want to fix that…

  14. James A. Calwell III Says:

    I don’t care what anyone else says. The mix of the theme music in this package is one of the best things to happen to Action 52 since all of those Cheetahmen remixes.

  15. Reiv Says:

    Any chance of updating the downloadable version to match the flash? I prefer not to play games in browsers.

  16. Mr. Podunkian Says:


  17. Alexis Says:

    The escape pod is mine. Hungahh!!
    Change the escape key though. ;)

  18. no name Says:

    Any chance of giving people a download link of the .swf file since the game is free already and people on slow internet have to wait forever to basically download the game every time they want to play?

  19. Anonymous Says:

    @no name: My sentiments exactly! Are you me, by any chance?

  20. Nesfreak Says:

    Hi. Is there any way of completing the game? When I get to the end, nothing happens, I cannot enter the escape pod or anything! I’m talking of course about the .exe-game, not the flash game (finished that already).

  21. b0ngw4t3r Says:

    What are the differences in features of the flash game and the download version?

  22. WiddlyScudds Says:

    I found it hard, original, re-playable, and the controls are spot on. One of my favorite games!

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