posted by Mr. Podunkian at 7:21 am on July 19, 2009

There’s nothing that makes me feel more inadequate about myself than getting some really great fan art. There’s nothing that make laugh more than fan art about Johnny Five Aces. As such, there’s nothing that makes me laugh at my own inadequacy than this piece of fan art by JoeSlob. The picture is called JOHNNY FIVE ACES, which is more or less a perfect title for it, as it more or less encapsulates everything that is going on in the picture, which is below:

I’ve also added another piece of fan art to the The Underside’s Fan Art section. This one’s done by the ever talented, Annabelle Kennedy. It puts The Underside’s Ip in the company of many of indie games’ iconic characters:

If you’ve got any fan art related to any of my games, please, by all means, let me know about it! Any feelings of inadequacy will subside, but the feelings of love and care will last FOREVER.

6 Responses to “New The Underside Fan Art”

  1. guy Says:


  2. Nick Says:

    I’m wondering, who are these other characters and what game do they originate from ? I only recognize ip and the cave story characters.

  3. Trevor Says:

    Awesome art!

    Mr. Podunkian:
    Anabelle also created these for you:

    To quote Battlerager:
    “Spelunky, Balding Quest, Noitu Love 2, The Underside, Cave Story (x2), Fez

    Those are the games.”

  4. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    from left to right, on that top row are gomez (from fez), spelunky-guy/lameza (is that his name?) from spelunky/la mulana, guy balding from balding’s quest, and xoda rap from noitu love 2.

  5. Mushroom64 Says:
    Fanart cause I love this game. =)

  6. fait Says:

    Perfect timing, Mr. Podunkian! After playing the updated demo, I absolutely had to draw Ip in response. Until now, I lacked the courage to send you an e-mail with this pic I drew of Ip.

    From amateur artist to you:

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