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For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been helping fellow developer, Dustin Gunn (creator of Sombreros) wrap up his decade old project, Mayhem Triple, by getting my freaky deaky on and putting together this epic 14-track soundtrack.

It was no easy task scoring a game that’s ostensibly about bunny invasions, dick-bots, Illuminati, and time travel, but considering the always-bordering-on-the-edge-of-complete-tastelessness of the source material, I felt I had a free pass to be pretty IDGAF-y about it. That, in addition to the stupidly fast pace I was pooping these songs out, manifested itself in some of the most high energy, abrasive music I’ve ever written. Expect lots and lots of Orchestral Hit.

My main source of inspiration this time around was the game EDF 2017 (a game, unsurprisingly, about giant alien insects invading earth), mixed with some of the spaghetti western sound of my previous work with Sombreros. I also did a lot of experimentation with electronic beep-boops this time around (though admittedly, I’m not brave enough to venture outside of the built-in presets), which you’ll hear in a lot of the later tracks that take place in the Technodrome-like bunny mothership.

Anyways, hit the “more” link below for browser streamable versions of each of the tracks, or click here to download the entire soundtrack in a single, nice package.


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For the past week, I’ve been taking a game idea of mine and turning it into a real thing. Imagine Pokémon had a baby with Puzzle Bobble and they did high fives over a little baby League of Legends/DOTA and you’ve got a pretty good idea of my new game, Puzzle Monsters plays.

As I said, I’ve only really worked on this game for a week now, so it’s woefully incomplete and it’s probably going to break in every imaginable way, but I think it’s fun, and I hope you guys have fun with it too.

I’ve only really implemented the basic game systems here — eventually I want to add a monster collection aspect, as well as monster growing and everything. Hopefully you guys will enjoy the game and maybe (just… maybe) if it does well enough, I’ll get a Kickstarter for it or something going on.

Anyways, enough jibber jabber, visit the Puzzle Monsters site for download links and more information!

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At long last, and in response to overwhelming public demand, I’ve put together a free downloadable soundtrack to ESCAPE FROM PUPPY DEATH FACTORY! Again, a super special thanks to Adult Swim Games for giving me the chance to make this game, and for being 100% completely cool with me putting this soundtrack up to download for absolutely free. Obviously they’re really, really cool guys who deserve a non-stop perpetual high five machine. Oh, and in case you haven’t played the game itself, click here already.

After “the jump”, you’ll find the individual tracks themselves, playable right in your browser. Technology is GREAT!


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After a million years, my new game has finally come out. Introducing ESCAPE FROM PUPPY DEATH FACTORY, a game that has you playing as a dog from outer space who has returned to Earth to rescue a bunch of puppy dogs from a mysterious facility whose purpose is kind of spoiled in the title.

The game started off as a collaboration between Glen Forrester and I and was a spiritual successor to his previous game, SSSHIFTY, and features a familiar block swapping mechanism. Though the partnership was dissolved amicably over creative differences, I continued to develop the project on my own, introducing a Redder-esque exploration element, and tons, and tons of puppies.

The game was created for Adult Swim, who were an absolute joy to work with. I’ll write more on the game later, but for now, you can click this link to play the game!


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Welp. So thanks to @rebroff for slogging through a game I set up tonight on Twitter called ‘guess dat gam’. As promised, I’m going to make an inconsequential post about my upcoming game with Adult Swim:

Only a very small aspect of this mp3 is relevant to my upcoming game. ~WHICH PART IS IT?!~

In an effort to maintain some sort of ~ambiguity~ and ~mystique~, I’ll be filling this post with old assets related to this game — old assets that’ve either been outright trashed, or assets that’ve since been revised. Keep in mind that these are all of VARYING DEGREES OF THRASHINESS and that basically anything here is not at all in any way indicative of what you’ll see in the finished game…?! (No, seriously; this is garbage)


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I was just browsing through my old files and found something that STREEMERZ fans might appreciate. Welp. Here you go:

To the best of my knowledge, this was going to be used in a trailer of some sort, as evidenced by the little voice over at the end.

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“Too many sombreros,” the Chivatos said. “No one man should have that power.”

So after ten thousand years, Klik’n’Play oldboy Dustin Gunn (that’s his actual name) has released his ACTION 52 OWNS remake game, Sombreros, under his new indie game label, Sniper Diplomat (1 nerdpoint to anyone who gets the reference).

Why am I posting about it? Well, besides the fact that it owns very hard, it also has a soundtrack by yours truly, which could basically be described as Red Dead Revolver meets Sunset Riders meets Metal Slug meets the extents of my musical talents — basically, it’s cheesy spaghetti western.

Besides doing the music, I also helped a bit with the writing and gave a few ideas for the design of the last level/boss.

At any rate, it’s a really well done game, with awesome (and clever) boss fights, exciting set pieces, hilarious dialogue, and some good freaking music (heh). Also I made that title-screen image.

Check it out immediately, or enjoy your last breaths, senor.

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Gee whiz, you guys are awful vocal about what you guys want me to be working on instead of something else. So basically, I’ll be putting MGS 3 on the backburners — probably meaning it won’t be released until 2011 at the earliest. Instead, I’ll be focusing what little effort I’ve got left back on The Underside.

In recent The Underside news, I’ve been hard at work writing a text script for the game. It’s something I started doing with Merry Gear Solid 2, which helped me keep the game’s story focused, and less scatterbrained as the past The Underside iterations have been. With older versions of The Underside, I had been writing dialogue off the top of my head as I was writing the lua script files, and as a result, which is why the game was so unfocused, and lead you on a tenuous chain of events to a bunch of places without any real rhyme nor reason.

One thing I’ve noticed is that Multimedia Fusion’s lack of memory management has made the game hiccup every time a new weapon is fired, or when a new sound is played, which is a result of Multimedia Fusion loading files on the fly, instead of, say, pre-caching them. It’s a minor thing, but it’s something I definitely want to take a second look at in the future. I’ve got an idea as to how I’d  fix the problem, but it’s awfully hacky.

Anyways, that’s it. I’ll be focusing 100% of my development efforts on The Underside, and maybe, just maybe, I can finally free myself from this tortuous prison of expectations (which will be met, and hopefully, shattered by my unwavering talent).

Peace out, bros.

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Glen Forrester and I (the dynamic duo behind the wildly successful Enough Plumbers) have started a new company called mak gam, which we’ll be releasing our Flash games (as well as anything else we think up). You’ll notice a new game is available on that site: a Flash based version of STREEMERZ, which features (besides being cross platform) all NEW game play modes! So check it out, and if you’ve got an account on Kongregate, where the game is currently being hosted, be sure to give it some “big ups” as they say.

(P.S. this is not the aforementioned NEW PROJECT … a trailer for THAT should be coming PRETTY SOON…)

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