posted by Mr. Podunkian at 5:31 am on October 12, 2009

Flagyl Dosage, Welp, here it is. A short peek at Merry Gear Solid 2: The Ghosts of Christmas Past, Flagyl images. Flagyl australia, uk, us, usa, The video showcases a couple of the items that you'll be using this time around, but I've edited out all but the very first opening of the inventory, Flagyl wiki, Flagyl reviews, since I don't want to give too much of the game away. Feel free to post speculation and cunning observations in this post, Flagyl steet value. My Flagyl experience, I'm too sober to care.

Do yourself a favor and watch in high quality!

Also, order Flagyl online overnight delivery no prescription, Flagyl dose, as you can hear, the music in Merry Gear Solid 2 isn't really as good as it could be, buy cheap Flagyl no rx. About Flagyl, If you've got the chops (and really, I need real, herbal Flagyl, Flagyl mg, meaty chops here), put down a comment here and maybe you can lend me a hand. But like I said, Flagyl dosage, I'll be needing a lot of talent and effort this time around, since the game will be a longer. Anyways, enjoy the vid. PEACE OUT.

EDIT:Thanks to all that offered -- I believe I've found myself a musician now!


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14 Responses to “Flagyl Dosage”

  1. Caliber9 Says:

    Looks sweet mr.podunkian! The deer mask is great! I thought the music sounded pretty good in the video! I was also wondering if you could explain how you make your sound effects for this game as well as the underside.

  2. Ein Says:

    The Polar Gun is AWESOME ans so is the COLD snake, lol

  3. Crusader Says:

    Cool makes me wish that the boktai series continued

  4. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    caliber9: for this game, it’s simple: i just rip them from the metal gear solid series. the MGS:portable ops soundtrack’s 44th track is called “SE Collection”, which is more or less a track with a bunch of MGS sound effects played one after another. for recording the voices, i just record into sound forge, but my vocal contributions will be far less this time around as i’ve got dedicated voice actors.

    for the underside, i use both both sfxr (, and also edited sound effects from other games (most noticeable is probably the burp sound from earthbound that plays in the beginning of the underside when you talk to the mole.

  5. alastair Says:

    this is mad

  6. Slob Says:

    I’d really love to knowwhat are kids apparently doing in what is apparently the north pole. Apparently.

  7. Flashygoodness Says:

    Awesome stuff, Podunkian! I’m really looking forward to this. I played the first Merry Gear right when it was released, really enjoyed it, but didn’t realize you were the one who made it until recently. (shame on me) If the opportunity exists, I’d be more than willing to contribute to the music for this project.

  8. douglas Says:

    aw yes I am having so much fun not playing this

  9. Zzephni Says:

    Was the bit with the enemys running around the 6 pillars inspired by the bit in final fantasy 7 in the shinra building when you gotta run pat the pilars and not let the enemys see you?? Looks really nice well done

  10. Codemonkey Says:

    Wow, that’s insane! Great work, I really had fun with the first and this looks a ton better.

  11. kevin Says:

    hi, ive just finished a music technology degree and i would like to help with music if needed.

  12. Crusader Says:

    Cool Stuff!
    By the way What tool do use to make games is it Multimedia Fusion 2 because I have it now but I can’t make anything nearly this cool (It might be because my lack of art and programming skills)

  13. joel Says:

    this site needs a favicon

  14. Siahene Says:

    I like this alot

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