posted by Mr. Podunkian at 5:03 am on March 11, 2010

A very small peek at a rogue-like-ish project I started 3 days ago and have been developing on Livestream. I’ve described it as The Underside meets Spelunky meets Borderlands. This video showcases an early test of the procedural weapon generation system. Work in progress name? Why, Buddylands, of course!

30 Responses to “A new game?”

  1. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    @duncan — yer tellin’ me bro

  2. JaJitsu Says:

    i think the game looks wizard, keep it up bro.

  3. garyyo Says:

    dont listen to them haters i want this NOAW

  4. Huntar Says:

    Well, then. Those actually look like some interesting weapons. Isn’t this the kind of weapon system you were thinking of adding to TU, though?

  5. Bob Says:

    Whoa bro, that’s looks pretty sickly sweet.

  6. Tank Says:

    Looks awesome

  7. Droqen Says:

    Hey! This looks awesome 😀

    I’m assuming it’s going to be a much shorter project than TU too, so hopefully that means you don’t get burned out before it’s finished (or semi-finished).

    Looking forward to seeing some amazing weapon generation; I’ve never played Borderlands, but what you have here looks like it’s great and could get even better.

  8. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    @droqen — thanks man! i checked out your blog (i wasn’t aware that you had one), “i live underground” sounds interesting — i assume it’s a mine-craft-esque game? it looks interesting regardless!

  9. Eclipse Says:

    oh my, Mr.Podunkian taking inspiration from Derek Yu :)

  10. BlackAce Says:

    I cannot grasp the true form of exciting games.

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