posted by Mr. Podunkian at 4:55 am on May 6, 2010

Recently, I’ve started up a game making jam on the TIGSource forums called ACTION 52 OWNS. The idea? To get 52 different indie game developers to create 52 remakes of the 52 games on the terrible NES game, Action 52. The game I chose to remake was STREEMERZ, a terrible Bionic Commando clone that has you climbing up a giant tower using your “streemer” (whatever that means). My remake takes that game, and… well… makes it own:

6 Responses to “STREEMERZ”

  1. DOUGLAS Says:

    cool when can I play it

  2. Afro-Shroom Says:

    Nice, I was watching a AVGN review of Action 52, and I must say, what you have so far looks pretty awesome!

  3. Siahene Says:

    Whoa you made this game so much better than what it actually was

  4. Bob Says:

    Oh, so there’s supposed to be a door at the top there…
    Looking like it’s shaping up nicely either way.

    Also, did you fix the moonwalking respawn thing yet?

  5. 420-69-shrek Says:

    incest gaming

  6. Kajy Says:

    I’m liking how this is turning out.

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