posted by Mr. Podunkian at 10:59 pm on July 31, 2010

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60 Responses to “Synthroid Mg”

  1. Blu Says:

    well fuck, alright I am a little scared now.

  2. FallingSpagentiiMonster Says:

    i am afraid that i will never see the ladder section of the underside

  3. JaJitsu Says:

    Music from Luigi’s Mansion?

  4. Duh Says:

    Now finish the underside

  5. Afro-Shroom Says:

    You just blew my mind. o_o

  6. @JaJitsu Says:

    Nope, that would be a cool sounding Christmas remix of the Virtual Reality theme from the MGS series.

  7. simplex3 Says:

    Huh! I’m scared and waiting for the release.
    PLEASE finish the underside!!

  8. Chris Says:

    The new snake looks so sexy! The guards… meh, not so much XD

  9. Siahene Says:

    I thought your 3-D graphic style would look like wind waker but this is cool too. I am stoked for this game though!

  10. Siahene Says:

    Crazy stuff can be done with Maya


  11. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    @JaJituso — i don’t think the trailer made it clear enough; the game has SHADES OF HALLOWEEN

  12. Bob Says:

    Cool man, although it’s weird just how much The Underside has changed over th-oh wait, this isn’t The Underside.

    And Siahene, that’s not how you link to images.

  13. Ambrose Says:

    Please let this one support game pads.

  14. alastair Says:

    Looks hot

  15. Siahene Says:

    @Bob my bad I think this will suffice

  16. pyromaniac Says:

    WHY? man, please just finish the underside! I beg of you!

  17. Erikku X Says:


  18. Wolvern Heart Says:

    Brilliant, will people stop nagging him for not doing the underside? This is better ^^

  19. Angela Says:

    >>@JaJitsu Says:
    August 1st, 2010 at 10:56 am

    Nope, that would be a cool sounding Christmas remix of the Virtual Reality theme from the MGS series.<<

    ….Which in itself is a remix of "THEME OF TARA" from the first MSX/NES Metal Gear. :)

    Looking forward to the new "Merry", Arthur! Holiday 2010 for release?

  20. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    @angela — ACTUALLY you guys are BOTH right! what a happy world!

    i don’t know about 2010. in an ideal world, maybe, BUT ALAS…

  21. Kinsoku Jiko Says:

    Arthur, I must know, will this one have Linux Support?

  22. pyromaniac Says:

    merry gear is fun and all…
    but still, c’mon, you didn’t even finish one project and you’re starting another one?
    … please. finish the Underside.

    I’ll stop nagging you now.

  23. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    @pyromaniac — yes, please stop.

  24. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    @kinsoku jiko — i don’t think so. but the game will run on macs (for once)

  25. Kinsoku Jiko Says:

    What are you using to make the game, then?

  26. Ralphrius Says:

    Underside underside underside.

    No but seriously, I want this more than I want The Underside. That’s right, I said it.

  27. Sambv123 Says:

    It’ll run on macs?! Awesome. I can’t wait for this game.
    Could it be that this game is a stealth survival horror? Hence the “be afraid” tag line and the subtitle “the dead of winter”……maybe i’m reading too much into this

  28. b Says:

    one idea to make this game more than a play once and delete thing: let players design their own levels?

  29. Erikku X Says:


  30. Kaz Says:

    Do you realize that everyone is actually waiting for The Underside? theres no need to put off something that everyone is anticipating

  31. Jon Says:

    oh God yes

  32. Al3xand3r Says:

    Good to see you’re making a sequel to your most awesome games yet :)

    Although I much prefer the look of Merry Gear Solid 2.

    But whatever, it’s your game, and I’m sure it will be sweet regardless.

  33. Droqen Says:

    Kaz, do you make games? Do you know what it is like to make games? Have any of you people complaining about TU’s lack of updates experienced that which is creating a game from whence there was none?

    If not, then hush and let the pieces fall as they may.


    Pod, this is looking awesome. I guess I have nothing else to say that I haven’t already said to you. Yeah.

  34. Cobalt Says:

    I agree with Droqen. Let Arthur’s inspiration ooze out of him. If you try to rush a game, then you’ll end up with a game that needed more time to bake.

  35. Agent Thunder Eel Says:

    “[unspecified relation]! Let’s have an epic battle with these giant robots!”
    “All right, cool!”

    Please let there be an actual Merry Gear fight… hell, even actual fights that don’t rely on fourth wall breaking techniques would be enough! This looks hella sweet, though… why do so many cool games have to be released these next four months?
    I think Meryr Gear Solid is a pretty cool guy. eh elplods teh Metal Gaers and doesnt afraid of anything

  36. Sunwolf Says:

    O_O……………………. ohmygod. No one saw that coming. NO ONE.
    I am impressed Mr. Lee, Most impressed.

    Anyhow, I wish you luck.

  37. garyyo Says:

    i herd yu be wurkin pn tu

  38. Gargamel Says:

    That would be awsome :D but i dont think its gona happen

  39. Huntar Says:

    God damn. Does anyone honestly like these Merry Gear games? Seriously man, stop bullshitting and get back to The Underside. We get the you like this series, but why not actually deliver a good game now?

  40. Kissdreams Says:

    Cheer up! Merry Gear Solid 3D looks really awesome.
    But the graphic needs to be improved indeed…

    Looking forward to it!~
    BTW: Have you ever consider to release an integral version of merry gear solid 1&2? You should add some features like full screen option or scale size option or just let the player to modify control keys on their on~

  41. Kamuro Says:

    Wow, Podunkadunk, that actually looks really good o.o Even if you have all those Underside fans annoyed at you, at least I’m looking forward to it, right? 8D

  42. William JCM Says:

    Looks great. The moments when Snake is aiming reminds me of over-the-shoulder aiming of San Andreas. But implement Mouse support. I hate aiming with the keyboard like in Resident Evil 4

  43. uber pye Says:


  44. Fabrizio Says:

    Very COool! The graphc is of PS1

  45. Aust Says:

    please finish soon

  46. Arth Says:

    Wow, the graphic resemble first MGS on Playstation, which is impressive. I love your MGS series. Thanks for your time and all the love you’ve put into those games ^_^ Can’t wait for this one.

  47. Sonicfan315 Says:

    Yay! 3D Merry Gear Solid! Remember Yours is the Game series that shall Pierce the Polygon Ceiling!

  48. mgsfanfan Says:

    is it almost completed?


    could make even share a merry gear solid game with the last 2


    when does the game

  51. Shin 55 Says:

    Any news for Merry G3ER : dead of winter ?
    still working on it?
    Because I (we?) are still waiting for it after this teaser…


    i need news its comming soon or its comming not … we wait long we love this game all want to play it i played all merry gear solid games all are good we wait two years finish the game than i have an idea when you are finish with the game you can make a collection with part 1,2 and 3 with god graphics 3d characters i give you ideas to make this merry gear solid 3d collection free i love this game you can have this free my mail is: i´m from usa but i live in germany we can do mgs 3d collection in parts all in one we can open the game in the pc than you can play 1,2 or free the game have easter eggs and more mods in the option mod you can select the language
    english,german etc. and the difficult the game need an installation to play it send a e-mail for more informations god by an send mails

  53. PunisherFran Says:

    i can’t wait for the release date this game will be freaking awesome

  54. Koty Says:

    Looks epic, if this is the true sequel then I’m in!

  55. Akair Says:

    I can’t get no christmas spirit without no Merry Gear, so you hurry! Christmas ’13!

  56. RedHood Says:


  57. FU Says:


  58. kantomuffin Says:

    4 years… And nothing!

  59. Kou The Mad Says:

    4 years mate, you making this still?

  60. OH NOES Says:

    Five years, and still nothing.


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