posted by Mr. Podunkian at 4:23 am on January 6, 2011

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25 Responses to “Diflucan No Rx”

  1. slob Says:


  2. b Says:

    i cried.

  3. narol Says:

    underside update. where?

  4. blurp Says:

    So how about that underside? You really shouldnt have a twitter feed, it will just lead to more bitterness from fans. “Watch me play games” “Watch me do everything but work on a game”

  5. Sani Says:

    Underside? Pfff, who needs that when we can have fishing lines and skeletons on pogo sticks?

  6. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    @blurp — i’ve got a full time job now. not working on games is basically the only thing i don’t do

  7. Bob Says:

    Sounds indie.

  8. pyromaniac Says:

    what was that? I could hardly keep myself from laughing. I mean one minute it’s all la la la strum happy and then ZETA SQAUD STREEMERZ.???

  9. Super Fun Games Says:


  10. Noet Says:

    Seriously, you got a work and you haven’t told us that you quit working on our favorite game all time? You’re really a dick.

  11. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    secretly i want to finish this project that i’ve invested five+ years of my life into, but yeah i guess it’s awfully dickish of me to try to make ends meet when i’m releasing games for free and basically funding everything out of pocket.

  12. Bob Says:

    You’re right, it is.
    Now fire up MMF2.

  13. @Bob Says:

    seriously WTF. i’m so ashamed at how obnoxious everyone is. not everyone is a btard on the innanets podunkian.

  14. Evilagram Says:

    Frankly, if you can finish The Underside and make it as long and in depth as originally projected, it would be good enough that I would be willing to PAY MONEY to play it.

    Do you think you could post some updates on that so that we at least know you’re making progress and not pulling an indie vaporware lifetime achievement award?

    This is literally my most anticipated indie game.

  15. Sani Says:

    I think that you should make The Underside donationware. Just sayin’

  16. Some Guy Says:

    People are obnoxious because there has been no news about the underside for 5 months. You are kind of keeping your fans in the dark, this makes them crazy. A monthly blog update would be nice, if you have the time.

  17. Evilagram Says:

    Yes, make it donationware! I for one will help fund this.

  18. Tim Says:

    Man, delete everything to do with The Underside, i’ve been coming back here, defending you because i know what its like to do multiple things at once. But this is ridiculous, just forget the game and let everyone know. I’m tired of coming back here and seeing the same shit i saw before.

  19. NightShade Says:

    Hold your horses Tim, there’s no need for any outrageous ideas. I agree that it seems like he’s not even working on the game, or doing anything with the site any more. But that doesn’t mean that the Underside is over (or Merry Gear 3). He’s probably devoting his time to The Underside (or MG3) and polishing it up to meet every ones expectations.

    …Or at least thats what I keep telling myself…

  20. Pessimistic Paul Says:

    NightShade, that is called false hope, it’s bad for your kidneys and you should get rid or it. The Underside has no time in his busy schedule now, maybe he will pick it back up when he retires in 30 years. It will be in 3-D, tons of bloom, and have functional ladders then.

  21. hello Says:


  22. Prognosis Says:

    It’s dead, jim.

  23. pyromaniac Says:

    Welp, If ever Podunkian wants to re-boot, I’d be willing to pay for this game.
    I, for one, think this game is awesome.

  24. owen Says:

    i say put a money charge on some games to help make ends meet.

  25. Mike Says:

    Six months of Streemerz, not a word else of anything else. Man, even if you’re not working on what we all hope you are, you can’t just leave us all in the dark like this! After months of Sombreros being your latest buzz, I posted a comment and within three hours, you updated us on your going-ons. Well, here’s hoping for it to happen twice. Because I’ve come here at least thrice a week for darn near six months hoping to see something new, and every single time all I have to say when the page loads are those three magic words…

    “Fucking Streemerz again.”

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