posted by Mr. Podunkian at 1:50 pm on July 21, 2011

After a million years, my new game has finally come out. Introducing ESCAPE FROM PUPPY DEATH FACTORY, a game that has you playing as a dog from outer space who has returned to Earth to rescue a bunch of puppy dogs from a mysterious facility whose purpose is kind of spoiled in the title.

The game started off as a collaboration between Glen Forrester and I and was a spiritual successor to his previous game, SSSHIFTY, and features a familiar block swapping mechanism. Though the partnership was dissolved amicably over creative differences, I continued to develop the project on my own, introducing a Redder-esque exploration element, and tons, and tons of puppies.

The game was created for Adult Swim, who were an absolute joy to work with. I’ll write more on the game later, but for now, you can click this link to play the game!


40 Responses to “Escape From Puppy Death Factory”

  1. Linkshot Says:


    That is amazing. Did you try pressing Right after going in there? If I remember right based on the glitch I posted, it should push you over to the puppies, when timed to pass through the crushers, of course.

  2. Laika Says:

    I LOVE THE GAME *Woof Woof*

  3. Kristina Weight Says:

    Exactly where is the feed button, so I can sign up for your updates?

  4. Gabriel Says:

    I love this game so much that I played through it twice!


    I just found out something I hadn’t thought about: does the ending change if you don’t get the General’s kitten before beating him?


  5. yasmin Says:

    Really amazing game friend. Thanks for the posts.

  6. Yaw Says:

    will we ever get a version on steam or is that completely up to adult swim games?

  7. Key Ten Says:

    I just got total score 1 034 250, but where have I submitted it to?

  8. Imra Says:

    really interesting, congratulations

  9. laura graz Says:

    key how you get that total

  10. Blu Says:

    Any news on preservation of this game since flash kicked the bucket and Adultswim wiped all their games?
    Or was this just a paid gig you moved away from/don’t own the rights to?

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