posted by Mr. Podunkian at 11:29 pm on August 27, 2011

Zoloft Price, At long last, and in response to overwhelming public demand, I've put together a free downloadable soundtrack to ESCAPE FROM PUPPY DEATH FACTORY. Again, a super special thanks to Adult Swim Games for giving me the chance to make this game, Zoloft pics, and for being 100% completely cool with me putting this soundtrack up to download for absolutely free. Obviously they're really, really cool guys who deserve a non-stop perpetual high five machine. Oh, buying Zoloft online over the counter, and in case you haven't played the game itself, click here already. Zoloft price, coupon, After "the jump", you'll find the individual tracks themselves, playable right in your browser. Technology is GREAT, Zoloft Price.

I had a lot of fun writing the music for Escape From Puppy Death Factory (Or, online buying Zoloft, as the game was called during development, K9 From Outer Space [would you believe it. Where can i find Zoloft online, A pun.]). I spent a lot of time listening to music from Super Metroid, Bionic Commando, and even the NES version of Tetris in order to get the sound of the game just right -- something a little moody and atmospheric, Zoloft class, but also really melodic.

Pretty early on in the development, My Zoloft experience, I wanted to try something different, and get rid of the minimap altogether, substituting it with an audio based puppy locator system. Zoloft Price, The idea was real simple -- each musical track would have a separate "dog barking" track which would get louder or softer depending on your position in relation to the lost puppy. In practice though, purchase Zoloft for sale, it turned out to be not so fun to get lost in the game world, and people were getting frustrated trying to find the one or two puppies they left behind (inevitably, Zoloft recreational, they'd be the ones in the missile silo, which you can only really access from the start of the game). I did keep the barking system though, because I really liked the effect it gave, Zoloft images, and I especially liked how the dog barks punctuated the more minimalistic tracks. This did, Zoloft from canada, however, have the side effect of requiring two tracks for every song in the game -- and given this was a flash game, and needed to be a relatively small download, the tracks themselves ended up being pretty short, Zoloft street price.

With that said, I'm really happy with how it all turned out, Where to buy Zoloft, and I hope you all enjoy it too. You can listen to the individual tracks below, or click here to download the whole shebang, Zoloft Price. Bark bark woof woof.

01. The Last Puppies Are In Captivity

02, Zoloft without prescription. K9 From Outer Space (K9 THEME)

03. Post Apawcalyptia

Zoloft Price, 04. In The Howl Of The Mountain King

05. Cheap Zoloft no rx, Vault K9

06. Bomb Factory

07. Slumdog

08. Lunch Silo

09, Zoloft Price. Underground Jungle

10. The General

11. Mother Rain + Puppy Death Factory

12. ugotdapuppy

13. uarethek10

14. The Electric Pup Parade (Ending)

15. Paws

16. Title

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39 Responses to “Zoloft Price”

  1. Irock Says:

    For some reason the melody in Underground Jungle makes me feel tingly. This is awesome.

  2. Squarehead Says:

    I was SO happy you posted this! For a while I would just replay the game and get to the Hydroponics Lab and then go about my merry way.
    Once again, you’re amazing, Mr. Podunkian! ^_^

  3. Bob Says:

    So, yeah, I like pretty much everything about this!

  4. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    i’m glad you guys all like it! i’m surprised people like the underground jungle song as much as i do — it’s my second favorite only to the main K9 theme.

    i was listening a lot to the more mellow maridia song from super metroid when i wrote it, but listening back, it’s really hard for me to hear any similarities beyond the monotone bass and the sort of use of flutey-ish samples, which i guess is a good thing.

  5. Bob Says:

    Hey, I’ve just got to ask though – are you sure you weren’t listening to a certain song from Mother 3 when composing the beginning part of Slumdog?

  6. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    that song was written a long time ago for the underside. i was running out of steam writing music so i just changed the samples and added a dog barky layer. i think you can find the original version in the post about all of the work in progress content from the game.

  7. JaJitsu Says:

    awesome tunes! keep up the amazing games.

  8. Graham Goring Says:

    Awesome! I’ve been looking forward to this download as the music was cracking in EFPDF. Cheers! :)

  9. Huntar Says:

    Oh hey, since we’re talking about The Underside… Any news on that yet?

  10. Kaz Says:

    thats funny huntar

    arthur most likely used all future music assets for TU into this game

  11. John C. Michelson Says:

    Great Article! I am an indie musician and love meeting like minded folks. Music is my passion in life and it reflects in my work. I will be back here often to read your new posts!

  12. sleownchy Says:

    baha someone’s always with the underside questions.

    tits-awesome (i’m a bird enthusiast) game, loved the puzzles, they were actually kinda challenging, can’t wait for your next gamearoo, whenever that is.

  13. Falcata Says:

    Thank you for posting this, I tracked you down from Adult Swim and was so glad to see you made the music from EFPDF available. Your music really is fantastic, it made my day much cheerier. Reminds me of the catchy, whimsical stuff on Nitrome, and is just as awesome.

  14. qqqqqqq Says:

    the cunterside

  15. juleule Says:

    Hi! I have one question. Have you ever make something like a Metal Gear Solid remake before Merry Gear Solid. I remember a little demo with a gameplay like Merry gear solid but cant find anywhere. Thanks

  16. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    yeah, but it was pretty bad. i still have a copy but i don’t want to put it up anywhere, haha.

  17. noname Says:

    packing facility theme?..

  18. juleule Says:

    Mr. Podunkian, could you send me that little remake to my email please? I remember when i play it, and i liked so much, but i lost it and can’t find.

    I wont show it anywhere, i want the game in my pc archives, it remembers me about good times :)


  19. pffft Says:

    Its getting close to december, is there anything on Merry Gear Solid 3? Come on, don’t leave us in the…cold.

  20. Matt Says:

    Is there any way I could get the sheet music for this on the keyboard? Ive learned to play a few of these by ear, but the actual notes would help alot.

  21. Charem Says:

    10,000-million thanks for the soundtrack man! =3 I loved the game and adored the music, and even tried to record the audio from the game (with next to no success, as I am a noob at such things). So this is totally sweet!

  22. Xyvir Says:

    Hey, speaking of Mother 3 and The Underside…

    Seeing as The Underside is on hold indefinately (= forever) I had to get creative to fill the void left in my soul. So I decided to play through Mother 3 and name the Dad character “FiveAces.” Probably the closest thing I can get to The Underside, besides just beating the demos over and over (which I’ve done.)

    Just kidding, that post was a lie.

  23. xdiesp Says:

    You could pack Merry Gear Solid 2 to some indie bundle (or 3 if it comes out)

  24. Gargamel Says:

    No Merry Gear for this year then? :(

  25. houndninja Says:

    Hurry up and write about something!

  26. Lak Says:

    Maybe a bit late, but I just gotta say, even though it strayed a bit from the original design, The Underside was a nice little game. How did it go from the original concept to puppies though?

  27. BlindChocobo Says:

    What happened to the underside? D:

  28. bobsagat Says:

    The Underside = dead?

  29. Houndninja Says:

    Is this guy like dead now?

  30. Yukie T Says:

    HEY FUCKER!!!!!

  31. Shin 55 Says:

    any news about M3RRY Gear Solid : dead of winter?

  32. Joseph Says:

    Just played this game on Newgrounds, it was really great, I loved every minute of it (except puppy #11…….)

  33. Rob Says:

    Escape From Puppy Death Factory was amazing! The soundtrack was awesome, the graphics were lively, and the swap gun is the coolest gun ever! I was wondering, is there a sequel planned?

    Also, I can’t get the music out of my head!

  34. Matt Says:

    Slumdog is my favorite track, or at least it is the one that gets stuck in my head the most. Vault K9 is a pretty close second. Some of these are at Megaman soundtrack levels of catchy in that I have caught myself humming them days, months after I had last played the game.

  35. Random Douchebag Says:

    Did someone say THE UNDERSIDE?

  36. Alextended Says:

    I hope you’re slaving away on Merry Gear Solid 3 to give it out for Xmas!

  37. pete Says:

    when does the underside come out

  38. yasmin Says:

    It is really funny hunter and amazing game. I like this really and it is so fantastic idea. Thanks

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