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At long last, and in response to overwhelming public demand, I’ve put together a free downloadable soundtrack to ESCAPE FROM PUPPY DEATH FACTORY! Again, a super special thanks to Adult Swim Games for giving me the chance to make this game, and for being 100% completely cool with me putting this soundtrack up to download for absolutely free. Obviously they’re really, really cool guys who deserve a non-stop perpetual high five machine. Oh, and in case you haven’t played the game itself, click here already.

After “the jump”, you’ll find the individual tracks themselves, playable right in your browser. Technology is GREAT!

I had a lot of fun writing the music for Escape From Puppy Death Factory (Or, as the game was called during development, K9 From Outer Space [would you believe it? A pun.]). I spent a lot of time listening to music from Super Metroid, Bionic Commando, and even the NES version of Tetris in order to get the sound of the game just right — something a little moody and atmospheric, but also really melodic.

Pretty early on in the development, I wanted to try something different, and get rid of the minimap altogether, substituting it with an audio based puppy locator system. The idea was real simple — each musical track would have a separate “dog barking” track which would get louder or softer depending on your position in relation to the lost puppy. In practice though, it turned out to be not so fun to get lost in the game world, and people were getting frustrated trying to find the one or two puppies they left behind (inevitably, they’d be the ones in the missile silo, which you can only really access from the start of the game). I did keep the barking system though, because I really liked the effect it gave, and I especially liked how the dog barks punctuated the more minimalistic tracks. This did, however, have the side effect of requiring two tracks for every song in the game — and given this was a flash game, and needed to be a relatively small download, the tracks themselves ended up being pretty short.

With that said, I’m really happy with how it all turned out, and I hope you all enjoy it too. You can listen to the individual tracks below, or click here to download the whole shebang. Bark bark woof woof.

01. The Last Puppies Are In Captivity

02. K9 From Outer Space (K9 THEME)

03. Post Apawcalyptia

04. In The Howl Of The Mountain King

05. Vault K9

06. Bomb Factory

07. Slumdog

08. Lunch Silo

09. Underground Jungle

10. The General

11. Mother Rain + Puppy Death Factory

12. ugotdapuppy

13. uarethek10

14. The Electric Pup Parade (Ending)

15. Paws

16. Title

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