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Windows Vista users MUST run the game in Windows 95 Compatibility Mode.

If you recieve an error that the game cannot open pxplay.mfx, please find and install msvcr71.dll. You can find this file easily on Google (but be sure to make sure the file is safe!)

Download The Underside (Preview #3)

A preview of The Underside, as well as The Almighty Paintbrush (Level Editor), and two example mods, Buddy’s Nightmare (by Insignificant Studios), and The Story (by Tommy631).

If your copy of Preview 3 does not include a file called ‘patched.txt’ that reads ‘patched with path 3,’ you must download Patch 3 below.

Download Preview 3 + Patch 3 + The Almighty Paintbrush + Example Mods (7.7 MB)

Download Patch 3 (1.6 MB)

55 Responses to “Download”

  1. Laura Says:

    Played the demo. Love the style of the game. If ever there’s a final product, I’d love to see some of the jumping mechanics tightened up a bit. While there isn’t anything that impedes gameplay (in fact, this is a really minor criticism), I found the controls a bit too slippery while making some of the more precise jumps. All in all, I think this is great and hope to see more.

  2. Dying Civilian Gamer Says:

    I’m dying because I want to see the rest of this. I played it way back in the day after finishing Cave Story. I know this is probably the one Metroidvania game that will equal or surpass my ratings of Cave Story (which was freakin high). I just want more! Perhaps a 4th preview if you haven’t stopped working on it?

  3. Some dude Says:

    I get the pxplay.mfx error even after downloading the .dll file. Is there any other way to fix that?

  4. Charlie Says:

    How do you install msvcr71.dll to windows 7?

  5. Charlie Says:

    Got to play The Underside on a windows xp computer!!!! It was great!

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