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Outer Savin', three years after the Secret Santa Incident... We had classified information that a new Santa had taken power. The whole thing was naughty... but our noses had been out in the cold too long.


Merry Gear Solid 2: Ghost of Christmas Past is the sequel to 2006's Merry Gear Solid: Secret Santa. Set years after the events of the first game, Merry Gear Solid 2 sets Old Snake on an adventure to retrieve Santa's Hat from an extremist group known as the Ghosts of Christmas Past. Using an array of new tools, and returning favorites, Solid Snake must infiltrate Outer Savin' mall and prevent the Ghosts from taking control of the SOC (Spirit of Christmas) System.



100 Responses to “Merry Gear Solid 2: Ghosts of Christmas Past”

  1. Domingo Says:

    i loved the first one and can’t wait to play this one :)

  2. talic Says:

    finally!, now i can die happy. ^_^

  3. DevilMan Says:

    Plzzz tell me that you are going to put a level editor and a Custom Map option.

  4. Corey Says:

    I loved the first, and i hope this one is just as good. Maybe a bit longer though.

  5. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    this one is going to be a lot longer than the first one, i’m sure.

  6. Michael Says:

    Awesome progress! Be sure to backup often! I would hate for this project to be lost :(

  7. Jacob Says:

    will this one have a save option?
    I’m guessing yes

  8. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    yes — its much longer than the other game

  9. CKing Says:

    What date will it be released, if you know that is.

  10. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    well… i mean…

  11. CyberSol Says:

    This looks awesome. Will this be another “gameover on discovery” or will it have different alert modes?

  12. PAN!C Says:

    3 questions: 1.can you send me the sprites?[i use game maker 7 and have wanted to make somthing in the vain of metal gear solid for some time. if you do i will give you creds]. 2.after this will there be a third and forth one? merry gear solid awsome or is it just me?

  13. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    @CyberSol: game over on discovery. combat against children is not cool!!!

  14. NotABot55 Says:

    It’s always fun until someone posts a Merry Gear Awesome video somewhere….

  15. PAN!C Says:

    why is it not here yet?!?

  16. PAN!C Says:

    sorry, just read the blog. hope you get it done some time today though.

  17. ilovebacon Says:

    where is it? i must know!

  18. PAN!C Says:

    nice work man. not rally sure when you are going to relese it as i live in england but awsome all the same!

  19. Peter Says:

    This is gonna be released soon right? No rush though, quality before release date! :)

  20. Kevin G Says:

    Amazingly funny and fun game Good Work

  21. Eric Says:

    That was amazing. The depth of the story at the end, the production quality (for something done as a hobby), the gameplay, and the amount of care poured into emulating the feel of the Metal Gear series was simply astounding. Also, quite an impressive job was done with the references, I wouldn’t be surprised if I missed one or two. This game has far surpassed the first Merry Gear Solid.

    Thanks so much for making this series! It was well worth my time. If you intend to make another, I look forward to it.

  22. Secret Admirer Says:

    Thank you for this Arthur. 2 hours quite well spent.

  23. DerpaDerp Says:

    Wow, this game has left me speechless.

    I was, expecting to play a simple parody loosely based on stealth games and what I got was an hilarius, wonderfully written game. Thank you very much!

    P.S.: have some fanart!:

  24. me Says:

    I like this game, but for the life of me I don’t understand how to destroy that power control thing. Let’s walk over the electrified floor panels so we can blow up the switch OH WAIT. Also he said something about knocking on walls and different sounds, but so far I’ve noticed absolutely no difference in that room or the one to the right of it… /gives up.

  25. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    @me: that joke about the walls with different sounds is a joke about metal gear solid 1. that’s one of the very last things you do in the game, so come back to it later!

  26. me Says:

    I suppose it doesn’t help that I’ve yet to play a _single_ MGS game. Also, but it tells me to go there D: it’s got the happy yellow circle in this room, and Otakon won’t talk to me anymore. Guess it’s time to walk around aimlessly.

  27. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    what’s the last item you’ve got.

  28. me Says:

    The misseltoe launcher, with which the game insists I destroy the power switch, but I cannot get to it (due to the electrical floors). I’m fairly confident I’ve just traversed the entire game again, and have not found any areas I’ve not yet been to.

  29. Fly Says:

    I just want to tell you that this is just about the most awesome thing I’ve ever played. Keep up being awesome.

  30. me Says:

    Wow. Completely forgot that I could control the misseltoe launcher….

    Also, bug. After I beat the game, I went to new game, sat through the dialogs, and it put snake outside of the level, so I could walk around on the edges, bang on walls and have kids come through the walls to find me (in hopes of resetting my position), but when they caught me it spawned me outside again. Can provide screenshot if really necessary…

  31. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    is this version 1.2? i coulda sworn i fixed that bug.

  32. me Says:

    The readme file says it’s 1.2

  33. Kissdreams Says:

    Actually, I’ve met the same bug too. I just leave the game there (to wait for the boring opening credit to be over) and browsing some webs by my own… When I came back to the game, Snake appeared outside the level…

  34. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    hmmm. well, you can restart the game and press new game, and that should work.

  35. Kissdreams Says:

    @Mr. Podunkian: Another thing that confused me is that every time I got into an area, the game sometimes runs without any problems, but sometimes it runs quite slow…

  36. Randomasta Says:

    Umm, I have problem downloading the game. Every time it reach 99% with only few Kbs left, the download always goes back to random point, around 50% – 70%. I’m using DownThemAll, does that has something to do?

  37. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    probably. it works fine for everyone else.

  38. Specter Says:

    Finished it once and then played it again just to see how fast i could finish it the second time.

    Real nice game specially the voice acting is superb and the jokes are way better then the avarage mgs gigs you find on you tube.

    Also sent you a fan art for this nice little gem you gave us. Check your gmail adress.

  39. Leun Yeu song Says:

    Hey…nice funny adaption to metal gear…Hmmm…i just got a weird idea but see if we can chat on msn or something about it and my msn is i hope we can meet and chat about this weird idea that flowing in my head right about now…hehe

  40. BlaZen4 Says:

    woah nice ahahaha
    really good game :D
    all i have to say is

    another sequel … ?

  41. Samurai Snake Says:

    Great game, thank you, Insignificant Studios!
    It is even more awesome, than THE SECRET SANTA!
    Way to go, guys!

    P.S. Songs are really beautiful)

  42. Yuri102006 aka Leun Yeu Song Says:

    Hey sorry about that if your trying to contact me in the past few days i had a internet problem. But its now fix…

    I hope that we can meet sometime…okay its the same msn addy if you forget its

    Sorry for the inconvenience that i gave ya…

  43. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    @leun yeu song — sorry, but what’s this meeting about?

  44. Yuri102006 aka Leun Yeu Song Says:

    Just too meet up and throw some ideas around…u know…and maybe become friends…also…X3

  45. Eris Says:

    For anybody wondering: it works admirably under Wine for the most part, but you can’t beat either of the bosses, at least on OS X. I had to resort to VMware, which I discovered actually runs the game faster on my system.

  46. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    @Eris — you can actually beat both bosses simply by repeatedly calling otacon — it’s a failsafe, in case users don’t have the proper credentials to do either thing. i believe it’s around 10 times.

  47. MrGoolCuy Says:

    Very nice and well made. I finished this game a while ago and forgot to post here to applaud you on making a polished parody of MGS while also staying faithful to many of its gaming elements. I especially enjoyed many of the MGS inside jokes (The Revolting Omelot. 6 buffets, more than enough to fill anything that moves) and interesting 4th wall breaking boss fights.

  48. Crazypumpkin Says:

    Wow. All I have to say is the writing is absolutely superb. It really is remarkable how you got the feel of the series down. And I don’t know where you found those voice actors but they are SPOT ON! I honestly thought for a while that you had David Hayter on the staff. Amazing. Thank you for this.

  49. Marioplayr Says:

    I am really enjoying this game so far but i think ive encountered a freeze/bug after going through the door in the room after beating the first boss (i mean the room with 2 kids) The game FREEZES!

  50. Marioplayr Says:

    accually it unfroze nvm

  51. Mr kmil Says:

    Will there be a Merry Gear Solid 3? You’ve left that door open, so I wanted to know if you had plans or not.

  52. StrifeSilver Says:

    Best fucking game ever.
    I have no words, it’s just great.
    Hell I have Cristmas Eve on my MP3 player now!

  53. Richardson Says:

    What is the infrared sensor for? Me and my friend couldn’t find a use for it.

  54. Magzhi Says:

    I cannot complete second boss. i found package easily but what i have to do with it ?????? Can u help me and please send answer on my e-mail (EDITED)

  55. Magzhi Says:

    It is one of the greatest indie game I’ve ever played I found out about it in Strana Igr (Game Land)

  56. Magzhi Says:

    I’ve completed game myself. Very interesting end!!!!

  57. PAN!C Says:

    would it be possible to put this on ipod touch? i would play it. i would even pay for it [within reason]

  58. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    @pan!c — unfortunately, multimedia fusion doesn’t export to an ipod touch compatible format. also there would be copyright issues with that (as if there weren’t copyright issues with the game to begin with)

  59. PAN!C Says:

    hey you can do snake and otacon voices right? i need some help with some coursework im doing [a radio advert for merry geaar solid] but i cant do the voices. if you could help id give you credits and a copy of it. plz reply if you can help me

  60. PAN!C Says:

    never mind. i found an alternative

  61. anon Says:

    I’m sorry, but that missile section is failure. What the hell is with designers and finding it necessary to put shitty annoying ass sections in their games?

  62. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    @anon — it’s really not that hard, and it’s a reference to MGS 1!

  63. mrinsane Says:

    Umm, when i found the second item, i thought i could get it, but i was foiled, and got game over, however, when i restarted, i still had it. Is that supposed to happen?

  64. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    @mrinsane — yeah, that’s intentional.

  65. DUDEKOOL! Says:

    um i think this is kinda of a spoiler but…
    for the first boss what if you cant change the certain thing if your behind parental block? like windows 7? do i have to wait for * weeks?

  66. Arthur Lee Says:

    just keep calling otacon

  67. Arthur Lee Says:

    even after he begins repeating himself

  68. Lalilulelo Says:

    I hope we can get Cookie Eater and Gifts of the Patriots in the future.

  69. acid snake Says:

    lol great, will the merry gear solid 3 be playable, if so, great, looks amazing in 3D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. sorrido sunaku Says:

    how do you make these games? what programs?

  71. Luris Says:

    Really impressive !
    The voices sound just like the originals, every jokes are funny (I especially love the “knock knock” one and the Revolting Omelet), graphics are simple but very nice, AI is … like in MGS1 (and it’s all we’re asking for ^^). Even the head menu impress me !
    Just a few regrets, there is no real fight, and the way to defeat boss are really fetched and shouldn’t be reveal automatically.

  72. Dyno Says:

    how do you download it??? J:!

  73. Stidukka Says:

    1 Question about the game.
    Can you map the keys to a Controller? And if you can, can you tell how?

  74. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    stidukka — you can try using a program such as JOY2KEY, but there’s no controller support natively, as the game is intended to be played on a PC (you’ll see)

  75. Stidukka Says:

    I know its PC game i have beaten with Wise man score (cause i suck at stealth xD) i was just wondering cause my friends keyboards arrows are broken.

  76. dasda Says:

    if you’re gona make a third or fourth or whatever just cut it with the puns D:

  77. Aust Says:

    Please release if you intend on making Merry Gear Solid 3, and your estimate of if it will be done by this christmas, or next christmas, or etc.

  78. Adamska.gEaR Says:

    You sir, are a Genius. I am a HUGE Metal Gear fan, and Merry Gear Solid 1 just saved my christmas spirit… I’m about to start MerryGS2 now… But congrats on a game well made. Keep up the good work!!!

  79. Cole Says:

    I’m just curious, do you still plan to release the soundtrack? The game’s great on it’s own, but the soundtrack really sells it.

  80. tetsuo Says:

    1. Awesome games, keep it up bro!

    2. @Stidukka: I use “Joystick 2 Mouse 3″ – it’s freeware and works beautifully with my HAMA Black Pad on Merry Gear 2. Don’t know about other pads.


    3. I’m having troubles with the second boss. I’ve found the PSG, but it seems to doesn’t do anything. Otacon now repeats the same two things over and over.

  81. tetsuo Says:

    Alrigt, I’ve got it =)

  82. ferdy Says:

    very good

  83. merrygearsolidfan Says:

    merry gear solid 3 please as saint nick and you can use camo

  84. merrygearsolidfan Says:

    make the next game about the ebeneezer eve incident… please please pleeeeeease…thank you

  85. Callum Says:

    I need to ask, what programme did you use to make these games? C++?

  86. The REEL CravinG Says:

    I need help, how do I change the clock to beat the 1st boss?
    Do I have to download the patch?

  87. The REEL CravinG Says:

    Woops I just had to wait sorry!

  88. a FAN Says:

    kotw work maby on merry gear solid 3d colletion

    merry gear solid 2 is 2x longer then part 1

    underside i make a lets play

  89. Cold Snake Says:

    Super game.I love it.

  90. kush men Says:

    so, when merry gear solid 3 be comes out?? please tell us or email me….

  91. CarCrashClutter Says:

  92. Koty Says:

    This game and the first one are epic. I am playing the first run through Merry 2 and I love the game. Hard since you have to run through the same areas but its cool since I get to candy cane the kids from earlier. Love the music though, is there a chance that you could put the album out so I could listen to it at anytime?

  93. DnBGundamu Says:

    Okay, all of this Underside talk is really getting old. Nagging him is not going to make it appear faster! The game will be ready when it is ready.
    ($15 says that it will come out before Half Life 3)
    Lol just kidding.

    But seriously, cut this nagging crap out.

  94. SHNGHN Says:

    Can’t beat the Christmas Ghost “Yet to come” How do I beat him? Yes, I got the P.S.G., but that’s not how I can beat him though.

  95. SHNGHN Says:

    …never mind. I figured it out. Anyways, here’s how to beat the Bosses.:

    Boss 1: Adjust the “Date & Time” to a week or 2 ahead.

    Boss 2: If you somehow had gotten rid of your “” file somehow, download a program called “WinRar”, then create your own “” file, then drag it to the “In-game screen” to get the “P.S.G.” Now put that item into the “Mailbox” you came across before the 2nd Boss Fight.

  96. jamie Says:

    how do you make these games what program do you use please tell me.

  97. Inamurei Says:

    As a speedrunner I do enjoy this game. The Out of Bounds thing appeared to happen as I was holding Control during the loading screen in prep to skip the first codec.

    Do love this game and hope to be able to get a sub 30 min time on it. Current pb is 33:21 as provided by the score screen. I expect to be able to improve that with a lot less continues (18 right now currently)

    Is Wise Man the highest rank? or is there a “Secret Santa” rank above that? I guess I’ll find out with more practice and a lower alert run.

    Thanks for making a great game.

  98. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    My personal best time is 26 minutes 2 seconds, which I did on Twitch live on air like four years ago (

    At the time, I was actually just gunning for the highest ranking in the game, which is “The Boss”. I don’t remember the specifics, but I remember it requires you to get through the game without triggering a single alert (obviously the dreaming guard in the beginning of the game, and the codec cutscene alerts don’t count).

    The bigger challenge is to get through the entire game collecting only two items (I believe the sock and the sleep grenades at the end). It’s very, very difficult to do, and requires you to really exploit the AI and timing. After really really experimenting with the game, I found that the sock isn’t exactly necessary (the only room it’s really needed for is the big metallic floored room where you find the Polar Gun) — though this is very, very, very difficult to do and I wouldn’t recommend figuring it out as it actually relies on some bugs in the AI, and the levels weren’t designed with not having the sock in mind.

    The last condition is a time limit, though I don’t remember exactly what it is.

    Having only 2 items and reaching the room where you get the Kissile Launcher will open up a very secret shortcut in that room, allowing you to take one of the (otherwise nonfunctional) elevators and skipping a big chunk of backtracking.

    Anyways, check out the videos I linked for some insight as to how it’s supposed to be done — I don’t think I’ve seen any other videos about it online.


  99. Inamurei Says:

    So I return! With the fastest time that your game has been beaten with “The Boss” rank that I know of.

    It took me a while to catch up to and figure out how match the screenshot of a 19:57 time. I then matched that time with 1 alert. Thus missing The Boss rank. And now I present!

    IGT completion of 19:39. I feel its an awesome run, and stuff can still be improved upon this time.
    It was done with v1.2. And yeah. Thanks for making such an awesome game. It was fun to speed through it :)

  100. David Says:

    What engine was this made in

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