Download Merry Gear Solid 2: The Ghosts of Christmas Past

It is strongly recommended that you have completed Merry Gear Solid: Secret Santa. A summary of that game can be found in the Previous Ops section of the main menu.

Download Version 1.2 (79 MB)

Download Version 1.2 Patch (3 MB, updates 1.1c to Version 1.2)

1.1c  introduces a fix for the first boss, which makes the boss work as intended (the earlier versions have a debug-related error that skips directly to the boss’s defeat).

Also, please redownload this if you are getting messages about the Toast even though you don’t have it yet.

92 Responses to “Download”

  1. CS116 Says:

    When trying to run version 2.1 on Windows 8.1 is says “Cannot open executable file!”

  2. Ethan B. Says:

    When I try to play this game, it will automatically game over me. Also there’s no music.

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