Download Merry Gear Solid 2: The Ghosts of Christmas Past

It is strongly recommended that you have completed Merry Gear Solid: Secret Santa. A summary of that game can be found in the Previous Ops section of the main menu. Download Version 1.2 (79 MB) Download Version 1.2 Patch (3 MB, updates 1.1c to Version 1.2) 1.1c  introduces a fix for the first boss, which makes the boss work as intended (the earlier versions have a debug-related error that skips directly to the boss's defeat). Also, please redownload this if you are getting messages about the Toast even though you don't have it yet.

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  1. Jacob Says:

    I feel for you, BUT HOORAY

  2. Anonymous Says:


  3. Hempuli Says:


  4. stephen Says:

    My antivirus keeps rejecting this file as high risk.
    It only makes me want to play it more though.

  5. Mommy does Santa exist? Says:

    FINALLY! Now you can get back to work on the Underside!

  6. Mommy does Santa exist? Says:

    Now work on the Underside!

  7. ICUP Says:

    Oy, the man has only been working on it for an eternity. Do you want him to curse you?

  8. Jacob Says:

    you said pasphrase not passcode

  9. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    @Jacob — there are far worse things wrong with the game, haha.

  10. Jacob Says:

    Okay, just mentioning it to you

  11. Matt Says:

    Major bug fighting the Ghost of Christmas Present. I’m told to use the toast to get past, but I’ve entered the arena WITHOUT TOAST. Pulling a soft restart only lets me load to the start of the boss fight, so I can’t get out and find this toast.

  12. stephen Says:

    I had the same bug as Matt above, I then started a new game to get the item, but it loaded the character on top of the outer savin’ sign in the bottom left of the first screen in the game.

  13. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    Agh, i’m sorry! that’s a typo in a file! i’m uploading an update right now.

  14. Flemphlumph Says:

    Ahaha, just finished, that was amazing.

  15. Meepy Says:

    Just played it through start to finish. Took me about three hours counting a few short breaks in the middle. Very good, enjoyed it thoroughly. This was the Christmas present I was hoping for.

    The only criticism I have is that during the boss “battles,” if you ask Otacon enough, he just spells out the solution for you. If you could have made it slightly more subtle that would have been preferable, but it works well enough.

    5/5, now get to work on Merry Gear Solid 3 for next year :P

  16. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    @meepy — that’s more a compatibility thing — i just wanted to make sure that user accounts that, for example, might not be able to change system settings, etc. could still complete the game (^:

  17. Meepy Says:

    Yeah I kind of figured that, I know what it’s like to run on a non-administrator account in Windows. There isn’t much you can do or change, and changing the time falls into that category.

  18. Hyper Emerson Says:

    GAH 404 ERROR! =(

  19. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    @hyper emerson: uploading a bugfix — the first boss battle was a lot shorter than it was supposed to be due to a debug feature that i forgot to take out :^X

    it’s fixed now.

  20. Dave no Kami Says:

    Open the download link as a new tab and refresh it repeatedly.

  21. Dave no Kami Says:


  22. Partiboyy Says:

    God 78 MB compared to 1?!? Big improvement… playing now

  23. Liam Says:

    Pretty damn amzing game well made, no very well made.

  24. Partiboyy Says:

    How do you save?

  25. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    @partiboyy — it autosaves at the start of each level.

    @dave no kami — it MAY have to do with mscr dlls… unfortunately i don’t have the source to stringreplace.mfx so i don’t know what dlls it requires!

  26. Partiboyy Says:

    thank you sooooo much it is a gr8 game

  27. Matt Says:

    Is there something missing for the second boss? I swear I feel like the most daft player alive, there’s no solution past dragging in the package.

  28. NotABot55 Says:

    @Matt: You have the package… account for your assailant and put it in the proper place.

  29. contra Says:

    Goddamnit wth were your testers doing? let me betatest next time!

    Just kidding. The game is superawesome. Truely impressive!

  30. Peter Says:

    A-W-E-S-O-M-E! The only thing else I could have even asked for is to lower the volume in game, but i can do that on my comp! Overall, great game, better than the early MGS games it was based on!

  31. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    @contra — testers? what testers?

  32. Dave no Kami Says:

    What program did you make this game in? I might beable to find a fix, I am running it in Ubuntu’s Wine after all…

  33. Iah Says:


  34. mecharm Says:

    Awesome, just awesome…

    Thank you very much! It was an amazing experience, and one of the best gifts this year :)

  35. Kevin Says:

    Christmas has changed. Its no longer about happiness, joy & well-wishing. Its an endless series of commercialized gimmicks, created for the sole purpose of selling more stuff. Christmas – and it consumption of cash, has become a well-oiled machine.

    Christmas has changed.

    But really, this was an awesome game. Wouldn’t mind if you made the game music available outside the game. Can’t wait until next year.

  36. Eris Says:

    I think you deserve at least a good night’s sleep after this. Maybe a million of those. I don’t mind the lack of updates to The Underside now that I see what you’ve been working on in its stead. :)

  37. Rockythechao Says:

    The music in in a folder in the game’s directory.

  38. DaveC Says:

    haha awesome game mate, i’m a big fan of bad puns

  39. Dave no Kami Says:

    I’m still trying to find a fix for Stringreplace.mfx! I waited for this for so long!!!

  40. Duncan Says:

    somebody posted a fix for the stringreplace thing on the comments thing

  41. Gretgor Says:

    Yay! It’s finally out! Sweet!

  42. Boko Says:

    One word: AWESOME!!

  43. aircon Says:

    how do i patch da game

  44. ori Says:

    I have just downloaded it, may be passed 30%, I hope I haven’t accomplished more yet as the game is simply amazing. Two thumbs up and an all absorbing thanks for such a great present.

  45. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    @aircon — extract the file to the same directory as your old install, and overwrite all files.

  46. 141.80 Says:

    Crap you made me sad… Wait he isnt dead..
    Still one of the best games i ever played. Thank you verry much for it!

  47. Daiton Says:

    Now i really want to play the Ebeneezer Eve Incident.

  48. Dave no Kami Says:

    We demand that you make the Prequil “The Ebeneezer Incident”

  49. Kyle E. Moore Says:

    @dave no Kami:

    Please no, it would be wonderful to do something other than play Mr. Podunkian’s games with my life.

  50. Fat Penguin Says:

    Mr. Podunkian, you’ll be glad to know that i gave your game an 11/10! sort of… well, at least i spread the word. or tried to :P

    congratulations for the game, its the most kickass thing ive seen this year (lol), make more, PLEASE.

  51. L Says:

    Am I the only one getting problems with this from the anti-virus?
    It’s saying that it’s acting suspicious.

  52. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    @l — i’ve heard other people having the same problems, but i don’t know what’s causing it. it’s definitely not a virus — it must be some of things the game does while it’s running, maybe? for instance, checking your computer clock, or maybe it has to do with some functions that it uses that check file names? besides that, i have no idea why your antivirus is getting a false positive.

  53. Dory Says:

    I love the game and its music! :D would you mind uploading the music files as mp3? i can’t play it separately on my com :(

  54. Red Buddy 0 Says:

    I don’t want to play this anymore! I can’t beat even the first boss!

  55. xdiesp Says:

    The game is good, but it has a large gap in new material in the 2nd third. You endure 2 large backtracking sections which are devoid of any cutscenes, after the loads at the start and end. What’s really a waste is having the Tadpoles show up only once: come on, have a patch which introduces them during the big backtracking to the roof. Possibly dig up some unused material for some cutscene over there, especially concerning the Ghost of Christmas Past (or a pretender of him).

  56. Jassummisko Says:

    how do you beat the ghost of christmas yet to come

  57. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    otacon should tell you. (and if you for some reason don’t have the ability to defeat him this way, just call him 10 times on the codec)

  58. Sunwolf Says:

    Oh… my… gawd…… Is S****** N*** Jr.? Because, if so, YOU ARE FREAKING BRILLIANT!!!!!

    10/10 man. You got some skills in game creating.

  59. VentKazemaru Says:

    Got an “LUA” error? There’s no sound either.

  60. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    ventkazemaru — have you extracted the files properly, retaining their original directory structure?

  61. ventkazemaru Says:

    OH You have to extract the files from the zip first?

  62. Dragnerymon Says:

    dosn’t work….Lua error

  63. Tino Says:

    Backtracking…….. UGH.

  64. hanatograph Says:

    I can’t seem to extract the file with the game in it. It keeps on telling me to “Insert the last disk of the Multi-Volume set…”. What do I have to do?

  65. Afro-Shroom Says:

    Oh boy, The ending just made me squeal like a fan boy. But I was digging around the files and found something…interesting. Tell me, is there an alternate ending or easter egg if you can get through the game with out getting caught once or any special conditions like that?

  66. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    yep — i don’t really remember the exact details, but there’s a second elevator in the final room of the game (the one with the missiletoe), and if you can reach it, collecting a minimal number of items (i believe it’s the holey sock only), that second elevator opens up, and lets you skip directly to the end of the first act.

    for a real challenge, try to get through the game with minimal items, and no alerts. it can be done — i’ve done it twice! (but you should try to figure out the rooms beforehand, as some of the rooms have very specific ways to do them)

  67. Afro-Shroom Says:

    Ah, Well thanks for confirming my hunch. Is there any kind of FAQ or special walk through for this game? I would really like to get to this second elevator now.

  68. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    well, most of the levels can be completed through trial and error. one of the most difficult ones in my opinion is the line of guards that you typically use a box to sneak past. for this room, you’re gonna have to knock so that a couple of the guards get distracted away from the rest of them. with luck, you should be able to pull away JUST enough guards to be able to just barely make it through.

    besides that, the best advice i can give you is that knocking plays a very very very big role in this sort of a run. experiment a bit, and see what you can and can’t do in terms of distracting the guards. also remember that you can “chain” knocks together — by which i mean, you can knock to distract a guard, and then run to a different location and knock again, which will cause the guard to stray even further from his original location. i’d suggest you try to do this without the stipulation of having to do it with no alerts to begin with. i’d only suggest you try a no alerts run after you’ve really mastered the game.

  69. Afro-Shroom Says:

    Hm…So if I can reach the missletoe launcher using only the holey sock, (and no alerts) then that should (in theoretically) unlock this second elevator then?

  70. Alex Says:

    I love this gave! I first learned about it when I watched the DeceasedCrab video about it, so I thought I’d give it a try. Now please work on the Underside!

  71. Mr. Snake Says:

    My save file got deleted just because I exited it. I thought it has auto-save…….

  72. Raimu Says:

    Great! I only wish the first game worked as well. (No sound, skips codec dialogues. Some other games done with the same game creation suite have similar problems, mind you.)

  73. Coolotail Says:

    Brilliant game, be good if you could port it to some other systems (GP2X, Wiz, Dingoo etc.), would be great to play this amazing game on the go.

  74. dasda Says:

    my games incredibly glitched i die in a cutscene!

  75. r0cko Says:

    Great work! Way more than I expected

  76. Snel Geld Says:

    Nice! Found your page on google.

  77. HeHe Says:

    when i open the game it says invalid file

  78. HeHe Says:

    and i dony see any walls or anething i just see solid snake runing araund

  79. LingDragon Says:

    It looks like very interesting,wish you create more wonderful game!!!

  80. Merry gear lover Says:

    when the game will come out

  81. pablo Says:


  82. Tosa Says:

    Can u make this for mac please?

  83. SHNGHN Says:

    Here’s how to beat the Bosses:

    Boss 1: Adjust your PC’s “Date & Time” 1 week or 2 weeks ahead.

    Boss 2: If you somehow had gotten rid of your “” file somehow, download a program called “WinRar”, then create your own “” file, then drag it to the “In-game screen” to get the “P.S.G.” Now put that item into the “Mailbox” you came across before the 2nd Boss Fight.

  84. Kyle Says:

    Uh… little problem. When i try to open the rar file inside the original rar file, it says “Format not supported”. Suggestions?

  85. Kyle Says:

    I can’t play the game because right when i join, it pans over for a second then it sayd gameover

  86. BozoDel Says:

    yay, works on Linux! even the thingie you have to do to beat the last boss (at least in Linux Mint it did work)

  87. Matte Says:

    I have a problem with inventory- after playing for while, the Z button doesn’t work and I can’t change the items. I have to restart the game to get back access to items, but only for while. I’m playing on Windows 7 x64…

  88. carlos Says:

    por analisis y recomendacion veo una exelente juego, por favor un traduccion al español

  89. Fever Press Fever Weekly #109! Happy Holidays. Says:

    […] […]

  90. Mizu Says:

    Really loved, if you want i can translate to portuguese (PT-BR).
    And i would really like a option to change the controls, but aside from that, really loved, and is great, keep the good work

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