posted by Mr. Podunkian at 12:33 am on November 27, 2009

Give thanks, for today I give you a taste of a thing that was given to me (with many thanks) from Gordon ‘Binbag McGraw’ McNeil, my musician.

This is the Merry Gear Solid 2 title theme, which was briefly heard in the last released video of the game.

Anyways, have a very Happy Thanksgiving, and keep your eyes peeled for more Merry Gear Solid 2 information in the coming days!

Merry Gear Solid 2 Title Theme (Work In Progress) by Gordon ‘Binbag McGraw’ McNeil.

posted by Mr. Podunkian at 8:12 pm on October 25, 2009

This video was created to show off to the people at the Voice Acting Alliance Forums, to maybe convince them to help me out with voice acting, but I figured it might be of interest to people who’re just looking forward to the game, so here it is:

If you would like to help with voice acting, please read my post in that thread. Thanks!

posted by Mr. Podunkian at 5:31 am on October 12, 2009

Welp, here it is. A short peek at Merry Gear Solid 2: The Ghosts of Christmas Past. The video showcases a couple of the items that you’ll be using this time around, but I’ve edited out all but the very first opening of the inventory, since I don’t want to give too much of the game away. Feel free to post speculation and cunning observations in this post. I’m too sober to care.

Do yourself a favor and watch in high quality!

Also, as you can hear, the music in Merry Gear Solid 2 isn’t really as good as it could be. If you’ve got the chops (and really, I need real, meaty chops here), put down a comment here and maybe you can lend me a hand. But like I said, I’ll be needing a lot of talent and effort this time around, since the game will be a longer. Anyways, enjoy the vid. PEACE OUT.

EDIT:Thanks to all that offered — I believe I’ve found myself a musician now!

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