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Who is this mysterious man?

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Come. Follow me, my child. I will teach you of my days.

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So I’ve spent the better part of today working out the new inventory system for The Underside. The old system was a bit impractical because it didn’t really allow any sort of items besides “key items” as they would be called in other games. The new system is different in that it allows multiple instances of the same object, so you could, for example, make a potion type object, and allow the player to carry more than one of them. Additionally, the new inventory lists all items in one menu, instead of separating the weapons and items separately, and is also constrained by the size of your inventory, which means you’ll have to balance the number and type of items that you carry along with you.

A problem that arises with this is that it breaks compatibility with existing mods (and any mods in development, sadly). On the flip-side, however, porting old mods to this new system is not terribly difficult (there are only a few special cases to look out for — for example, handling what happens when the inventory is maxed out on, say, an “item give”).

With that said, though, I’m excited to see how this new system will factor into how the game is played. For a start, coins will become more valuable, as shops and things of that nature will be more accessible. Secondly, you’ll be able to select which weapons to take with you, and additionally, you’ll be able to rearrange their order on the next/previous weapon hot keys.

This system also makes it a bit easier for me to implement the “equipping” system I’d been planning to do, but I won’t be giving that away in this post (^:.

Another significant addition to The Underside is the addition of achievements, which work just like they would on, say, XBOX. What’s more is that triggering achievements also unlocks in-game rewards (though not all of them do). The plan is to create a redemption system, where the player earns ‘badges’ (like boyscout badges) for doing certain tasks, which can later be redeemed for prizes at a certain location in the game.

Anyways, lots of exciting work, I’m still hacking away at this inventory system, and hopefully people won’t get too upset about it!

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I’m not proud of this…


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There’s nothing that makes me feel more inadequate about myself than getting some really great fan art. There’s nothing that make laugh more than fan art about Johnny Five Aces. As such, there’s nothing that makes me laugh at my own inadequacy than this piece of fan art by JoeSlob. The picture is called JOHNNY FIVE ACES, which is more or less a perfect title for it, as it more or less encapsulates everything that is going on in the picture, which is below:

I’ve also added another piece of fan art to the The Underside’s Fan Art section. This one’s done by the ever talented, Annabelle Kennedy. It puts The Underside’s Ip in the company of many of indie games’ iconic characters:

If you’ve got any fan art related to any of my games, please, by all means, let me know about it! Any feelings of inadequacy will subside, but the feelings of love and care will last FOREVER.

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After hours and hours of work, I’ve finally got everything more or less up and running!

For those of you who’ve been following me and my projects — you’ll be happy to know that new information on Merry Gear Solid 2 has been posted in the Games section of the site.

For everyone else, please take a look around, and enjoy your stay! Feel free to leave comments on any pages that allow you to do so, and feel free to imagine leaving comments on pages that don’t. BYE.

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Welcome to my new website!