Videos - Art
These are videos that I’ve shot and edited.

Media Sketches

These are videos that were produced during my third year at UCSD for a course designed around creating quick video based sketches based around a theme. All of these films were created in less than a week.

An Occasional Dream

What brings me happiness? What do I do in the privacy of my own room, where there are no eyes to judge, no mouths to gasp, no shame to be felt? Why, I pretend to be David Bowie, of course.

Includes a terrible cover of David Bowie’s Queen Bitch!

Low Carb

I go to a Burger King and order something low carb. And then some… This was a public intervention done early May of 2008.


The assignment? To create a video based on a memory. The result: pure horror.

Based very, very loosely on a true story.

5 Responses to “Videos”

  1. Reigalius Says:

    Based very, very loosely on a true story… meaning… total made up bs lol…

  2. Josh Says:

    It’s not a “terrible” cover of queen bitch. It’s quite decent.. decent enough that my mother (big bowie fan) thought I (not so much a fan) was listening to bowie (honest!).. not as good as lively city though as a song 😀

  3. Matt Says:

    so wait…..u had to pay for nothing??….sucks

  4. Interactive Whiteboards Says:

    David Bowie is a classic, i like all his songs during the old days. ‘-:

  5. Tuel Says:


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