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In the beginning…

In the beginning, the World was flat, and it was pure, and it was good.
From atop his Almighty Throne, The Universal King looked upon the plain, white landscape.
He grabbed his Almighty Paintbrush and with one mighty swing of his arm…
stroked layers of Life onto the expansive canvas.

But then the World became full of corruption and evil, and so the Universal King decided to start anew.
And so with a mighty flip, he turned the World upside down, and so the top side became the Underside, and the bottom side became the Overside.
And it was good.

The Overside’s new inhabitants, the People, thrived for millions of years.
However, these People, made of dirt and originating from the under side of the World, were inherently dirty.
And so the world again became corrupt and evil.

So, The Universal King, now running out of sides to flip to decided that the World was beyond saving,
and so he decided to wipe it from existence.
But unable to destroy the World that he had so cherished and loved, he gave the World his ultimatum:
If he could find a single Person who could show him that the World had not completely fallen to evil,
the World would be saved.

But if he could not find a reason to preserve his creation,
the World would be destroyed by his very hands.

Will the world be saved?
Does such a Person truly exist?

10 Responses to “Story”

  1. Rockin'Ness Says:

    Hey Arthur! Have you finished the story of The Underside yet? I don’t mean finished as in implemented, but as in you’ve already written what the story is going to be. I’m just wondering.

  2. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    i’ve got most of it planned — like a skeleton of the plot — but i still have to flesh it out.

  3. Rockin'Ness Says:

    Okay, I’m still hoping that Ip eventually finds Johnny’s ”Ace of Time” and he gets transported back to an older, Wild West inspired Underside City where you find that Johnny Five Aces is also Johnny The Fifth, and in the older, Wild West Underside City Johnny The First is at large and has taken over the town, and it’s up to Ip to save the day. Also, in The Wild Underside City, Theme no Johnny would play everywhere, and Johnny The First would also be known as Johnny No Aces, cause he sucks at Poker.

    This is just a silly hope, after all, but after hearing of Johnny’s ”Ace of Time” and listening to the obviously Wild West inspired Theme no Johnny, it got me thinking. Plus the Wild West is just awesome.

  4. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    … ironically, you’ve actually more or less described the proposed plot for the zybourne clock game i was going to do. as you said, the ‘fifth ace’ described both a physical ‘ace of time’, and johnny being the fifth generation of the long line of ‘aces.’

    i will give no more information because i still would like to complete this game some day in the distant future.

  5. Rockin'Ness Says:

    Well, then I rock. HELLZ YEAH!

  6. JakeJohn Says:

    friend recommended me to the site via Merry Gear Solid 2, looks pretty fun(have played five minutes into Secret Santa) and while perusing your wares i found this little gem. i am very impressed that you’re doing all of this with Multimedia Fusion software, can you give tips to a n00b developer? oh, and if you need help with midi game music, it wouldnt hurt to ask me, i use Acid Pro as my main gear.

  7. B-Man Says:

    How long do you think the project will take?

  8. Mr. Podunkian Says:

    @jakejohn — thanks for the offer, but i don’t use midi music in TU (^:. i don’t really know what kind of tips i could offer you, though if there’s any sort of specific questions i could help you through those.

    @b-man — i’m trying to get the game completed by the end of the year.

  9. Megamaw Says:

    Take your time, we want a great game

  10. Kirbster Says:

    But, you know… don’t take THIS much time….

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