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You can play a special version of STREEMERZ in your browser. This version of the game features many new, never before seen gameplay modes. Check it out at Kongregate.


This version of the game is PC standalone, and does not feature many of the features included in the new Flash re-release above. It is highly recommended that you play the Flash version of the game.

Download Version 1.3 (8.24 MB)

Version 1.3 fixes the fact that the money collected stat doesn’t properly get reported in the game’s post-game stats screen. The saved statistics from old versions of the game are compatible with 1.3.

Version 1.2 fixes some of the (unintentional) typos. It’s not necessary to download this new version if you’ve already downloaded 1.1.

25 Responses to “Download”

  1. b0ngw4t3r Says:

    What are the differences in features of the flash game and the download version?

  2. WiddlyScudds Says:

    I found it hard, original, re-playable, and the controls are spot on. One of my favorite games!

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  5. streemerz lover Says:

    i’m a huge fan of streemerz… would you consider making a pc download version with all of the niceties of the flash version now that flash is extinct? i would love to be able to always play streemerz at its absolute best. either thank you again for making it.

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